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linguistmama's Avatar linguistmama 09:08 PM 12-23-2007
I'm going to make some fitteds and I really love the BG insert. I would like to use microfiber for the soaker and was wondering how many layers any of you reccomend? I have some thin MF towels and am thinking about 4-6 layers. That would be as thick as the BG insert since my towels are alot thinner. I plan to use 1 layer of flannel for the outside and 1 layer of suedecloth for the inner.

Teddy'sMom's Avatar Teddy'sMom 05:39 PM 12-24-2007
I don't know BG soakers, but that sounds like a lot of layers of microfiber. Maybe your towels are different than mine (I got a big pack of them in the auto dept at sams), but I only use 2 or 3 layers.

Are you planning on making snap in inserts or actually sewing the soaker right into the fitted? I only ask this because I made some fitteds with the soaker inside and they take FOREVER to dry in the dryer (or on the line for that matter). I am planning on making snap in soakers for my next batch or maybe sewing them in in some way that they will be able to open up in the dryer.

Just some thoughts...