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ed_tricia's Avatar ed_tricia 06:14 AM 02-29-2008
Ok, so I am good at acquiring craft supplies, and then never do anything. So I bought one of those plastic round loom sets a couple years ago. I have several friends having babies soon and it finally occurred to me I should use this contraption. Has anyone used one to make simple, single color baby hats? About how difficult do you think it is for a complete novice? How long did it take you to make one little hat? I would love to eventually make other things and have found a few patterns, but for now I need as simple and quick as possible. Any tips for a newbie would be great!

I know, the cheap plastic version is not the greatest, but if you saw my craft room....I really like to try things out before making a huge investment.

ed_tricia's Avatar ed_tricia 08:28 PM 02-29-2008
Has anyone at least tried one of these looms?
tinasquirrel's Avatar tinasquirrel 09:20 PM 02-29-2008
I have something similar to that. I made a few hats with it. It took me maybe 1.5 hours to make my DS a hat. It was really easy. I'm now trying to learn to knit, but it was a nice first step. I used that thick and chunky yarn (bulky weight, I think?), and that made things go faster as well. Otherwise, you have to use two threads of yarn. I'd pick up one of the little instruction manuals if your set didn't come with one. The little manual also tells you how to change colors if you want to do that. I just made the basic hat with the rolled bottom.

It doesn't turn out as cute as real knitting would in my opinion. But it keeps DS's head warm!
ed_tricia's Avatar ed_tricia 01:30 AM 03-01-2008
thanks! I will play around when I have a little less chaos.
CallMeKelly's Avatar CallMeKelly 03:31 AM 03-02-2008
It goes really fast! I made my first hat very quickly. I second using a heavy weight yarn, as without it the gaps between stitches are horrendous and using two strands as one can be annoying. I learned to knit with needles after loom knitting, I had so much fun actually making something useful and pretty. Good luck!
ReikiMommy07's Avatar ReikiMommy07 09:38 AM 03-02-2008
Loom knitting is the only craft I do now. Goes well with carpal tunnel and arthritis. But even without "issues," I'd do it and enjoy it. I have many looms... Including some similar to yours, but mine are from In the Attic. It took me about an hour to make my first hat. I also make blankets, booties, and other things. To me it's just as good as needle knitting, but then, I'm not a needle knitter, so don't shoot me! There are looms in different gauges, so if you don't want to use bulky yarn, get one in a smaller gauge. That, and contrary to popular belief, there are *MANY* stitch patterns for looms. I mean, you can knit, pearl, braid, and more, and there are pattern books as well as free patterns available online. Good luck!
ed_tricia's Avatar ed_tricia 11:57 PM 03-02-2008
Thanks! It hadn't occurred to me (maybe b/c I've never taken it out of the package) that it would be easier on your hands. That will be great when I get around to learning and then teaching my mom b/c she has some joint pain issues. I've seen a few of the patterns for how to use it for other things and was amazed! I can't wait to get started! Theoretically at least it seems like a fairly contained craft, as opposed to sewing and painting which are my current faves, or scrapbooking which I love but is so time consuming to set up or clean up! Yay for a new craft obsession in the near future!