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LaLa 03-20-2002 01:25 PM

Hi! I love making these dolls and I was wondering who else makes Waldorf style dolls

I posted instructions for making a basic doll at

and it has been a lot of fun talking ot moms who have tried it and made lovely dolls with them

I'd love to see pictures of your dolls too, if you have any online!

Lately I've just been making star child dolls, because I can make one of those in about 2 hours, whereas a playmate doll takes me more like 12 hours...

fullcirclesb 03-20-2002 03:19 PM

I'm working on a 16" playmate doll for my ds's birthday at the end of April. I just started on it and it is my first one. I bought a kit from magic cabin dolls.

MamaMae 03-23-2002 02:31 AM

I'm very excited that I just finished my first "Knot Doll" with arms, legs and a bonnet. I think I'm totally hooked now! But the playmates still seem a bit overwhelming to me. LaLa, I've got your instructions bookmarked for when I'm ready!

I've knitted a few dwarfs/dolls, which are lots of fun, and SUPER Quick (a necessity for my patience level at this point!). I'd love to hear if anyone else does those. I just got the book "Nature Table: Creating a Seasonal Tableau", which is full of cute dolls/dwarves/animals for a seasonal table. I'm making our Easter chicks cute!

hope to post some online soon!

sagemama 03-26-2002 06:01 PM

I also make anything Waldorf... made one doll 2 years ago and I was hooked. Plus they sell well to lots of moms, not just Waldorfers. I have designed several of my own patterns, and am currently thinking about publishing them after this baby comes.
I also make those small wrapped wire fairies, wizards and gnomes... I sell them, but I also can share a site that is somewhere in my archives with basic instructions if anyone is looking.

It's great to see your instructions on the web, when I first started I was intimidated, but seeing the actual process makes it much more attainable somehow!


Roses 03-26-2002 10:03 PM


I would be intrested in the site that shows the fairy making. I'm not sure that I would try it, but I have been wondering how they are made.

I made my first Waldorf doll last week, and had a lot of fun doing it. I am hoping to get a better hang of it. I would like to be able to make them to sell at craft fairs in my area, no one else makes them around here.

Etoile 05-09-2002 06:46 PM

I am going to start making waldorf dolls soon, I was thinking that I might try to sell them on ebay, but I need to get a sewing machine first; the amount of time it would take me to do them by hand would make me have to charge too much for them.
I have "making soft toys" by freya jaffke which is a good book but it is out of print. another good book is Kinder Dolls by Maricristen Sealy, here it is on amazon:

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