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Artymisia's Avatar Artymisia 03:36 PM 05-03-2008
Hey all, DD got a bit experimental this morning and colored on her new play kitchen which I have not gotten the chance to stain or seal yet. It is a beeswax crayon.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it off without damaging the unfinished wood?

LaughingHyena's Avatar LaughingHyena 02:50 PM 05-04-2008
I've used very fine grade sandpaper to remove crayon marks off unsealed wood. Go very gently but I would think it would be OK.
autumnbloom's Avatar autumnbloom 09:27 PM 05-21-2008
You can also try the iron method, just be careful not to get it TOO hot. Put a paper towel over it, or a piece of fabric you dont mind ruining. Then iron gently over top, moving the fabric/paper towel until most of the crayon is removed.
bellacymom's Avatar bellacymom 07:35 PM 06-09-2008
You can also put a hair dryer on it for a minute until it melts and then just wipe it off.
HerthElde's Avatar HerthElde 03:14 AM 06-13-2008

works for crayons on hardwood floors too
Christine&men's Avatar Christine&men 07:42 PM 06-17-2008
Not sure about unfished wood but otherwise: mayonnaise. Let it sit for a couple of minutes then wipe off.