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newlywaaz's Avatar newlywaaz 09:03 AM 05-20-2008
Receiving blankets are the perfect size to make 2 stuffable (to customize absorbency and shorten washing/drying time) infant sized prefolds, and are the simplest and fastest diapers (aside from flats) that you could EVER make.

step 1: start with a 30"x40" receiving blanket, and fold in half lengthwise, making sure to match up all the edges and smooth flat (might take a bit of reshaping) and cut down the length of the fold. You'll have 2 long rectangles of fabric. Set one aside for now.
step 2: lay the piece you're working with print side down and with the serged edge towards yourself (cut edge along the top). Fold the left side in 9" and the right side in 4 1/2". Try to be pretty exact with this, again you might have to reshape the flannel a bit.
step 3: fold the right side over until the serged edge matches up with the other serged edge. Make sure the serged edges match on the bottom (mine are curved, yours might be straight) also and flatten out any wrinkles. Your rectangle should measure 14x13 by now, and look a lot like a prefold.
step 4: pin through all layers. If you're making a pocket-style prefold, mark where you'll start and stop sewing on the folded edge.
If you've got a serger, serge the cut top edge. If your machine has an overlock stitch, you can use that instead of serging the top, or if you have a baby machine like me, you can straight stitch around the whole diaper and then use a medium length zig-zag to strengthen the top edge and prevent fraying. Adjust the tension when you get to parts with 4 layers so your machine doesn't have to work too hard, and go back to a tighter tension when you get back to 2 layers. I use the same stitch length throughout.
Step 5: Straight stitch down the length of the middle through all 4 layers on the right side of your middle panel, and part way down on the top and bottom of the left side of the middle panel, leaving a 7" or so opening in the middle. (This should make more sense when you look at the pic), making sure to reinforce where you start and stop stitching (I turn the diaper sideways and go back and forth a couple of stitches). If you don't want this to be a pocket style prefold, sew straight down both sides of the middle panel. If your blanket has curved corners, you'll want to curve your stitching to match on that side (see pic). Snip all stray threads.
Step 6: Repeat with other rectangle of blanket, or cut it into matching wipes (make sure to finish the edges somehow). Ta=Da!

Mama~Love 09:51 AM 05-20-2008
What a great idea! Thank you so much for that! I will definitely have to try it out!
KiansMomma's Avatar KiansMomma 10:58 PM 05-23-2008
autumnbloom's Avatar autumnbloom 03:23 AM 05-24-2008
this is fabulous!!
Incubator's Avatar Incubator 03:07 PM 05-24-2008
OOhh! great idea, I've got a ton of recieving blankets, and no matter how much she spits up, we never use them ALL.