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utopia760's Avatar utopia760 08:38 PM 05-27-2008
i have scraps of all sizes even t shirt sizes what can i do with them any ideas about babies would be awsome

autumnbloom's Avatar autumnbloom 04:28 AM 05-28-2008
is it woven cotton or knit?
utopia760's Avatar utopia760 02:56 PM 05-29-2008
cotton like from clothing- i keep old clothing to make things but ive never made anything what can i do with it all
autumnbloom's Avatar autumnbloom 05:37 AM 05-30-2008
right... but there are different kinds of cotton.... knit and woven refer to the way that the fabric was constructed. Typically if is knit its stretchy. If its woven, its not so stretchy. One example - tee shirts are knit. Jeans are woven. Both are cotton, but handle completely differently.
scorch_dc's Avatar scorch_dc 10:23 PM 05-30-2008
T-shirt cotton I make hankies out of. Woven cotton I have made cloth napkins out of. So many things to make! Depends on the fabric though - how heavy, the weave, any stretch, etc.
utopia760's Avatar utopia760 11:17 PM 05-31-2008
its all knit cotton
EmilyS's Avatar EmilyS 02:34 PM 06-01-2008
I put heatnbond on the back and then cut flowers and things out of them, iron them onto t-shirts and such and sew around the borders...
rugbymom's Avatar rugbymom 10:38 PM 06-02-2008
I haven't started yet, but I am going to make cloth foods for my son using old clothes. I plan on making sunny side up eggs first. Then, probably some fruits and vegetables. I'm just making the pattern up.

I saw a really cute ring stack made out of fabric that I was going to try to copy, but never did. http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=897&f=4249

You could also cut into squares for cloth wipes. Or, you can use the wipes in your kitchen (just soak some in the cleaning solution of your choice).

I did make a knit hat out of an old t-shirt, because I couldn't find his size in the store. I just used the bottom edge of the t as the "brim" and cut a semi-circle ish shape. No hemming- just sew the top.