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RasJane's Avatar RasJane 09:20 PM 03-26-2002
Ds and I went down to Bellevue today. We stopped in the Build-a-Bear store and had so much fun! If you haven't heard of this, I'll explain. You pick out a plush unstuffed animal. Take it over to the stuffing machine and you get to help stuff your bear. It is a big blower. Ds got to pick out a heart. The lady had him kiss it, rub in on his heart (for love) on his head (to be smart) hold it in his hands to warm it and jump up and down to start it. Then he got to put it inside his bear. She sewed it up and we took it over to the "bath" blowers and brushed it. We stopped there and he got an adorable bear named Aristotle Lovely. We even got a birth certificate. The whole thing cost us $10! Not bad for a bear he won't let go of now.
See what I mean by such fun? The kicker is that the store is packed with an incredible amount of the cutest clothes. From complete outfits to whitey-tidey undies. Even Scetchers and rainboots. And accessories too. Every bear needs a scooter and cell phone dontcha know?
I would have loved to buy complete outfits for dear Aristotle but felt I could make bear clothes for less. But I went looking for patterns and could only find the classic stuff. Vests, sailor collars, ties. No pants, shirts, jackets, PJ's.
Any bear crafters out there know where I can find this? Or any tips to draw up my own patterns? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Aristotle is doing fine in his sling, but we feel he is a bit nekid.