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Marlet's Avatar Marlet 02:38 AM 07-18-2008
I'e been wanting to make DD1 and DD2 a soft doll for the longest time now. So I did a quick search and someone posted a link that had a page with tons of links on it (a couple threads down). I ended up using this page. I enlarged it..sort of.... I just freehanded it. Everything is soft on her. I used some random fabric from the remnants bin, yarn for her face and hair, and some raw fleece for the stuffing. She still needs some clothes for her (she's wearing a playsilk right now since we went to the park...DD1 wanted to bring her and insisted on some clothing for her ) but I'll work on those tomorrow. Her hair is not a wig cap nor is it a full head. I did half her head and then pulled it to the side, fixed it done nearer the head, and then tied off a chunk to make it look like it's in a pony tail holder. In the picture I pulled the hair over her shoulder so you could see her better and so she wouldn't fall over but normally it sits on top.

I'm crap at sewing so don't pay any attention to that part. I'm a knitter normally. DD1 loves this which is a first for any toy I've made her.

Here she be

The one for DD2 will be the armless version on that first link.

Fairy4tmama's Avatar Fairy4tmama 02:51 AM 07-18-2008
oh how cute bet she : it!
JessicaTX's Avatar JessicaTX 12:25 PM 07-18-2008
She's adorable. i was so inspired after looking at that website I tried to whip one up. Silk is very hard to work with. My mermaid has seaturtle fins for arms I think yours turned out way better :
operamommy's Avatar operamommy 01:28 AM 07-21-2008
She has such a sweet expression. Handmade toys are the BEST.
p.s's Avatar p.s 05:14 PM 07-25-2008
Originally Posted by OtherMother'n'Madre View Post
DD1 loves this which is a first for any toy I've made her.
awww... that's so sweet.
sunanthem's Avatar sunanthem 04:42 AM 07-29-2008
How lovely!
alisonsage's Avatar alisonsage 10:49 AM 07-29-2008
wow, great link- thanks :

i am sure your dds will love their awesome dolls!
ContentMom's Avatar ContentMom 09:58 PM 07-30-2008
I love it! Great job! :
MamaBug's Avatar MamaBug 02:32 AM 08-05-2008
Great job! I bet the girls loved it!