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maylea_moon's Avatar maylea_moon 06:43 AM 04-02-2009
Ok so here is the deal. Since my periods have returned (7 months ago, 11 months PP) DH and I have been using the withdrawal method (i know i know, but it's the only method that "works" for us). anyway, i am typically a late ovulator. usually around day 16-22. my average cycle is somewhere around 36 days.

SO. On day 16 (worst day EVER because i just *feel* i was ovulating) DH "forgot to pull out for the first time in his life. I did the regular freak out (TMI ALERT) and ran to the bathroom to sit on the toilet and "get everything out" so to speak. This was on the 22nd and I've just been hoping and praying that I'm not pregnant (not that it would be the most horrible thing in the world, I just would not be thrilled)

So today (cd 27) we had sex and afterwards there was blood. I'm not talking gushing but it was WAY more than spotting. This has never happened to me before and I'm wondering if it could be a sign of pregnancy or even something else? please help!

mammabunny's Avatar mammabunny 10:52 AM 04-02-2009
Sometimes bleeding after sex can be due to an infection or changes in the cervix. I had bleeding that started after sex but then it continued through out the whole month. I had stopped nursing, so it could have been from that. My Dr. never found a direct cause. I just regulated after a month. However, you could also be pregnant. Pregnant women bleed after sex too. I would take notes of when you notice the bleeding, and what color it is. That can help determin if it's new or old blood. And then see your Dr. if it continues.