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caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 12:10 AM 02-12-2010
I'm only 25, have dd(12m and ds(3). My periods were never good growing up, I would go months w/out having them ect. Ive also had 4 miscarriages

But since I had dc my periods have been terrible

-horrid ovulation pain

then the day I'm DUE my period
-hot flashes-I mean BAD hot flashes, to the point Im feeling like Im going to tear off my skin and I cry
-night sweats, sleeping in dhs boxers and a sports bra
-nausea/throwing up
-dizziness to the point I can't pick up dd

Then my period may not come for 2 days-a week. and I have heavy bleeding for up to 10 days

I went to dr. who sent me to a gyno(who I hate, and hates me b/c I went w a midwife/hb) who said "meh, youve breastfed to long" Dd stopped b/f right before 1 year and Ive been having my periods very off and on since June.

Any ideas

subtlycrunchy's Avatar subtlycrunchy 11:49 PM 02-13-2010
Wow, what a dismissive response. Here's a good article from Women to Women on irregular periods -- their info is from a holistic perspective. Hope it's of some help to you! Women to Women: Irregular Periods.