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View Poll Results: Did you cycle return at the same time PP?
Yes, it returned about the same time with all kids (within 1mo) 21 35.59%
No, it returned much LATER with subsequent kids (2+ mo) 11 18.64%
No, it returned much EARLIER with subsequent kids (2+ mo) 19 32.20%
Other, because everyone needs an other! 8 13.56%
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Old 03-29-2010, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by TiredX2 View Post
For moms who ecologically bfeed (no pacifiers, no bottles, night nursing is unrestricted...) the average is 14 months.
This is me. Until dd could get her had in her mouth recently it was only my breast for her. Yet I got my period back at 8 weeks pp...oh, and I am tandem nursing, too. With ds1, I got AF at 4 weeks and at 8 weeks with ds2. Hurrah for tandeming.

I'm, shall we say, fluffy. I wonder if fluffiness is a factor...

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my first was a section and got my cycle back 2 weeks after the pp bleed was finished. My 2nd was vbac and my cycle returned 9 months after and with my third 7 months after.

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#1--5 mo (was not EBF)
#2--15 mo
#3--8 mo, which bummed me out. She nurses all the time, doesn't sleep thru the night,etc and does get bottles or even solids.

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With #1 we had bf problems so she was getting formula and I was pumping and bf'ing part-time and gave up by 2-3 months. Got 1st pp period at 6 weeks.

With #2, #3, and #4, very successful bf'ing, nursing round the clock, etc. #2 had no soother but my boob, #3 did take a paci, and #4 found his thumb early on (which still amazes me--never had one express even a mild interest in their thumb before)--but none of them slept more than 1-2 hours that early on. All of those--1st ppp at 6 weeks. And yes, fertility too--#2 and #3 are 13.5 months apart--you do the math.

Guess it's just how my body works.

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Seems like when I get below 9 hours of nursing a day is when it's over for me.

That's been different for each one. 13 months, 7 months, and 10 months.

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I can't remember when it came back with my first, but all the others are listed.

2nd-9 months
3rd- 8 weeks
4th- 4 months
5th- 3 months

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I'm like the unluckiest woman when it comes to AF with DD it was at 8-9 weeks PP, with DS it was at 7 weeks PP. With him I bled all 6 weeks too, ugh. Way LAME, I EBF all night and day and no matter what I am just one regular woman.

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I voted "much later," but I was tandem nursing, so I think that had some effect.

After my first child, I started my period at ~11 months.

After my second (while tandem nursing), I started my period at ~19 months.

And I'm currently tandem nursing my second and third, so I guess we'll see!
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Because this is a cycle question and not one specifically about parenting a baby, I am moving this to Fertility.

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DS1 was 15 months when af came back.
so i was QUITE surprised when i got a period before ds2 was 2 months old. They both were EBFed, but my younger son started sleeping through the night really early and i guess that is why af came back so much earlier after his birth. (the sleeping through the night thing was short lived, btw- now at 1 yo he wakes up at least 2x a night (or more) to nurse).

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