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Rainy229's Avatar Rainy229 11:14 PM 05-22-2012

Long story short - my cycle is not really a cycle right now, and I'm super-stumped!

What used to be "normal" for me: 7-10 days of pretty heavy bleeding, O between cd 14 and 18 (visualized with 1.1 to 1.3 degree sustained spike), with 3 days of EWCM prior to O... (keep in mind, by "normal" I mean, when I ovulated, this is what it looked like... I have PCOS and don't ovulate regularly (I'm on metformin, naturethroid, and herbs)... my luteal phase was usually 12-13 days.  

What's been happening lately: 18-24 days of lightish bleeding, 4-8 days off, repeat.  No temp variations worth reporting.

This "cycle" I was prescribed bioidentical progesterone cream.  I was to start on CD7.  I had a little heavier bleeding than what's been happening lately, but nothing to write home about.  On CD7, I started with the rx'd dose (1/4 tsp - yes, I measured, every 12 hours on thin skin).  Bleeding went from 1/2 oz every 12 hours to 1 ounce every 2-3 hours, and has only slowed to 2-3 ounces/day at a minimum in the last two days; today is CD 15.  (I use a diva cup, so measuring is not hard... ) 

Any thoughts?  I'd like to have some ideas in my head when I see the doc in less than a week.  





dejagerw's Avatar dejagerw 05:59 PM 05-26-2012

It doesn't look like you are ovulating. If you were, you'd have a temperature shift.