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Confused two periods! Advice please

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Hi all, can someone please give me some advice.

Took my period dec 20th lasted 4 days, took period jan 10th lasted 4 days (was surprised to see it as it was early beginning of it looked bright red blood mixed in clear discharge) sorry to be blunt! Anyways yesterday I seem to off taken my period again! So twice in one month?? My periods are always regular normally 28 day cycle, I am sexually active with my husband. I am not on bc we just use the withdrawal method. I was very tearful for no reason at all on Tuesday past, also find myself eating more chocolate past week. Could I be pregnant or what is going on? Should I do a test now while I am bleeding? I really don't know as I would like to have another baby. All replies appreciated smile.gif
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Wait, you WOULD like to have another baby but are using the withdrawl method? (which doesnt work well btw) are u ttc ot trying not to? Id see your doctor. You def.could be pregnant, why wait to take a test? If not, something else is going on and only your doctor can figure it out
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I think the Jan 10th bleeding was probably ovulation bleeding.  Probably lighter overall?  So usually we do not bleed at that time but some spotting and for some women heavier bleeding is common.  I spotted this month when I ovulated for maybe the second time in my entire life that I know of, so you just never know you may get a surprise like that.


Some women have this as a regular pattern and it seems like close periods--about every two weeks.  It most likely doesn't mean pregnancy.  You could test anytime to check if you really want to but I would say don't bother.

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