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jenmk's Avatar jenmk 01:19 PM 08-18-2005
I've seen a couple of posts about the after-effects of getting your tubes tied, seems as if it can really mess with a woman's body. And I'm wondering if there are similar after-effects of a vasectomy, if it has physical ramifications other than on fertility.

(As a side note, dh and I are trying for our 3rd and last child, haven't even talked about what we'll do afterwards. I'm not keen on getting my tubes tied because that's serious surgery (and don't want the after-effects), and doubt he'll want to get his tube tied either. But in case he actually suggests it (ha!) or thinks it's a good idea, I'd like to know ahead of time why he might not want to do it, if there are any reasons (other than recovery). I won't do bcp anymore (for numerous reasons) and am less than fond of condoms, so we'd have to follow FAM . . . though I don't know how much faith he'll have in it. He's more likely to trust barrier methods.)

Anybody have any info or experience in this?


juicypakwan's Avatar juicypakwan 04:23 PM 08-22-2005
I don't have any personal experience with this but I have *heard* a few things. One is that the men are more prone to immune disorders as the bodys immune system is continually fighting with the sperm that are not leaving. This makes sense to me as their bodies don't stop making them and they are not meant to be swimming in their own bodies. But I believe the risks for men are far less than the risks for women. Personally when we are done we will be practising FAM. Hope you fine the information that you need to make this decision.