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minimunklemama's Avatar minimunklemama 12:11 AM 08-21-2005
should I get my peroid?or is everyone different.I used to be by the hour,every 28 days at 8pm at night.i tested for ds 5 mins after eight pm four day before i was due!!!!I would o on day 14 without fail but as I said in my previous post I am unsure when i o and my cycle length is 31-32 days,
we 'DTD' 21 into my cycle this month,could I be PG?
I already am waking at 5.00am wide eyed which is what I did with dd and ds,
o i don't know,maybe it's just wishful thinking,any advice would be GREATLY appreciated,
thanks ladies,

MovingMomma's Avatar MovingMomma 11:57 PM 08-23-2005
Average luteal phase length is 14 days. "Normal" range is 10-16 days.
minimunklemama's Avatar minimunklemama 10:11 AM 08-24-2005
thanks mama,I was begining to think i would never get an answer,
much appreciated