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tnrsmom's Avatar tnrsmom 12:47 AM 08-30-2005
About 6 months ago, my cycles dropped from 28-30 days to 25-26. They have also been milder periods only lasting 2.5-3 days. It has been great. I have also been more aware of when I have been ovulating (just by feeling it, not charting or temping). We have stopped using condoms during "safe" days. A couple of cycles, I think I Od on day 7-8. . We DTD without a condom on day 4 this month. I do not know when I Od though. We stopped using them again on day 24 or 25 thinking I would be getting my period any day. I am now at day 28 with no sign of AF.

I have been feeling kind of crappy the last few days. I was really hot all day today even when I was in the air conditioned mall. My appetite has changed a bit as well. I am just not very hungry and things that usually appeal to me don't. I was feeling lightheaded today too. I think all this could possibly be related to my stress level though. We spent last week at our cottage up north and did not get home til 8:30 last night. I had to do a bunch of stuff to get the kids ready for the first day of school today and it is my youngest dd's 2nd birthday. A bit of chaos. s

I would not be upset if I were pg (hell, I'd be thrilled!) but I think it would freak dh out. We have pretty much decided we are done. Our babies are pretty much completely potty trained and weaned and we are ready to move on to the next phase of our lives. Dh is also going through a really tough time right now being stressed out about $$. Not to mention we do not have insurance. I would want another HB but dh was not able to handle it last time and I do not think I could talk him into doing it again.

Not sure what I want or need to hear but I can not really talk to anyone here about this. Dh would flip and my mom would be so excited at the mere thought that I might be pg. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I am sure I have not made it definate that AF will arrive tomorrow. :LOL

Spark's Avatar Spark 03:31 PM 08-31-2005
Oh, goodness!

I'm so sorry you're going through this! Arg! The wondering! Just go get yourself a test. I think that's the best thing to do. And, take it with FMU.

WIshing you peace and happiness for both you and DH no matter what the outcome.