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liz12345's Avatar liz12345 10:54 AM 09-12-2005
can someone please explain implantation bleeding to me, when it happens and why? I am hoping i am pregnant. Has a few blood drop on day 30 and 2 days later got my period and only lasted for 2 days.

meggles's Avatar meggles 05:43 PM 09-15-2005
I would take a test if I were you.
Lynski's Avatar Lynski 05:45 PM 09-15-2005
Implantation spotting, if it happens at all, happens as the embryo implants into the uterus. This generally happens 7-12 days after ovulation. I agree with the PP, test and find out for sure! Good luck!
SunnyMa's Avatar SunnyMa 11:42 PM 09-15-2005
Once my best friend was super bummed her period came a bit early- it was borwnish and only lasted a couple days. I challenged her to test a week later since that was when she was officially *due*- sure enough- bfp! THe color can range from brownish in color, tinged pink cm, or even bright red bleeding- keep us posted!
liz12345's Avatar liz12345 06:36 AM 09-16-2005
after the 2 days of bledaing i got my period on has alsted 6 days already and counting, i so desperataly want to fall pregnant