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BrooklynDoula's Avatar BrooklynDoula 02:35 AM 09-17-2005
Anyone ever had unprotected sex during their period (but not other times during the month) and gotten preg? My friend and I were talking about this and now I am wondering if it has ever actually happened to someone.

lerlerler's Avatar lerlerler 05:11 AM 09-17-2005
well since sperm lasts no more than 5 days - and most people have at least a 6 day luteal phase(LP) (time after ovulation and before menses) ("normal" is 10-12 days) and at least 6 days between menses and ovulation (12-14 days is more normal) and your eggs are only good for a day or so... it's REALLY difficult to imagine that any live sperm would find a viable egg.
BrooklynDoula's Avatar BrooklynDoula 09:53 AM 09-17-2005
I understand how unlikely it is, the friend I was talking with is actually a doctor, but it is possible, so I was curious if folksb here had had that experience. MerryOne - your point about ovulatory bleeding is interesting. I have never had that but the expereince you descrided of bleeding and thinking it was a period makes a lot of sense.
2babybees's Avatar 2babybees 11:35 AM 09-17-2005
I did! I was training for a marathon and my periods were unpredictable in length(sometimes only a day or two) and occurance(skipped many months). But I also believed there was no way I could get pregnant because I was "on my period". 9 months later out came ds. My midwife said it was most likely that the periods I was having were not a standard cycle and that I could have been ovulating or something else irregular. I didn't get to do that marathon either but we wouldn't trade ds for anything
The Lucky One's Avatar The Lucky One 11:59 AM 09-17-2005
Here's my story, although I've never considered that I got pg 'on my period'.

August 2004 I was charting and using a CPFM to AVOID pg. The one and only time we had sex during the cycle was on cd6 which was the last day of my period (just very light spotting, really). We thought it was a 'safe' day, because in previous cycles I had ovulated anywhere from day 11-14. Well, this cycle I O'd on cd9 (confirmed by both charting and monitor) and my ds2 was conceived.

So, that's one way a person can conceive while having sex during their period.
ShannonCC's Avatar ShannonCC 12:16 PM 09-17-2005
My mom did. Good thing too or I wouldn't be here :LOL
Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 12:22 PM 09-17-2005
Yeah, I would think that having sex near the end of your period, plus having a short cycle could possibly equal pregnancy. Those sperm can live for several days, and in some people, that would be enough for an egg to be released. My own cycles are quite short, and we are extra careful (although at my age fertility is waning).
LizaBear's Avatar LizaBear 12:28 PM 09-17-2005
I haven't, but it would be a real possibility for me.

On average - I bleed for 10-11 days, then ovulate between days 12 & 15.

SO - sex at the end of my bleeding (say, day 10), coupled with early-normal ovulation (say, day 12) could equal pregnancy.

I would think that it's LESS likely to happen, as the blood would help to wash the sperm out, but it would be possible.

Heck - if I remember my grade 6 "health" class, you can get pregnant anytime, if you are even in the same room as a boy
Nabbe's Avatar Nabbe 12:28 PM 09-17-2005
I read somewhere that intercourse, or that is, orgasm, can induce ovioulation. Sadly, i got the article in Norwegian only...
beckyh's Avatar beckyh 01:14 PM 09-17-2005
I got pregnant with DS on the last day of my period too. We thought we were safe.
Vermillion's Avatar Vermillion 01:17 PM 09-17-2005
I did

My cycle was so screwed up from previous birth control when we were TTC that I figured I might TTC during my period just for the hell of it, and sure enough, DS was conceived.

My mom also conceived during her period, but ended up losing the baby.
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 01:18 PM 09-17-2005
Moved to I'm Pregnant...
BrooklynDoula's Avatar BrooklynDoula 01:44 PM 09-17-2005
BUT I AM NOT PREG! I am asking a question that concerns general issues of fertility and preg experiences (in the past) and not the expereince of being preg per se.

I think this move is a mistake.
candipooh's Avatar candipooh 02:53 PM 09-17-2005
Like others have said "yep can happen"

And it isn't rare either. Lots of ladies bleed longer than 5 days and lots of ladies ovulate before day 14.

A lady at LLL in my old group had two babies this way.
zjande's Avatar zjande 04:51 PM 09-17-2005
I stopped taking my BCP & a few days later had break through bleeding that was at least as heavy & long lasting as a regular period. I became pregnant during one of the days I was bleeding. I don't know if that counts, but I was surprised!
cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 05:38 PM 09-17-2005
Perhaps it's better here in Fertility.
gabry's Avatar gabry 12:02 AM 10-03-2005
Yep, I agree with some of the pp. I've ovulated a few times on cd9-10, and usually bleed until day 6-7, so intercourse late during menses could definitely result in pregnancy.