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staceyshoe's Avatar staceyshoe 12:27 PM 11-15-2005
Has anyone used one of those devices that magnifies a saliva sample in order to predict ovul? Here are a couple of links to what I'm talking about:

If you've used it, I'm curious about your experiences. I tried one but found that paying attn to my cm was more accurate.

annazari's Avatar annazari 05:59 PM 11-15-2005
I've used one for about four years and it's been quite accurate. I've only used it to confirm ovulation because I've got pretty "easy to read" CM. I got mine at Target, I can't remember the brand. Jeannine
MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 03:10 AM 11-21-2005
i used one along with cm and cp checks and temps it did ok but i wouldnt rely on it totally for detecting o. It missed my o that i got pg on for some reason.