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Queen of my Castle 12-06-2005 10:53 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new and just went off my bc pills, and am excited to be ttc'ing! I posted in fertility but feel a little out of place, as I haven't been trying for a long time. I have a (almost, sob!) 12 mos. ds, and I am still breastfeeding morning and night. Last time I came off a stronger bcpill, and went one cycle, then concieved, this current bcpill I've been talking since af returned at 7 mos is lighter. Should I expect a longer delay in conceiving b/c of bf? or shorter b/c of less hormones in the pill?
I'm excited to be pregnant and give birth, I'm hopin for an early fall baby. However, a down side is that my sister recently (4 mos ago) had a still birth at 5 mos., her first baby, and I would have liked to wait for her, and they're not ready again. And my cousin just lost a baby at birth last week. I feel almost bad for wanting to go ahead and have a second (I assume, easy, healthy birth and pregnancy) in the face of so much loss and grief. Am I being insensitive? Part of the reason I went on bcp is to eliminate the risk of conceiving right when my sis experienced her loss, but now I feel I want to go ahead, and of course, dh is excited.
Anyway, I just wanted to share how excited I am, I just loved being pregnant, it was so great, and I had an awesome birth that I can't wait to do again! I have a career as a painter/artist, and yet sometimes I feel like I'm made to have babies!

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