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Marlet's Avatar Marlet 11:54 PM 01-19-2006
I am so excited! When I first started charting I think I got one chart into Fertility Friend and it was only the occasional cm, period, and sex entries. Then I got prgnant and didn't need to use it. I got PP AF back in December and have finally been able to chart (the mattress however has swallowed my BBT thermomater) and have been pretty consistent with entering in my info daily. Last cycle was crazy with the EWCM but I figured it was just my body trying to get back on track. Sure enough it was the right amount of days for how long my cycles are so I was slightly disappointed to see so many days of EWCM (I think it was about 2 weeks worth). I figured I needed to examine it more to make sure I was entering the right type of CM into my chart. I hadn't paid much thought to it until the other day (CD 17 to be exact) I noticed my first EWCM for the cycle. This was big for me as it possibly was showing I was about to O (we're not TTC right now....TTA is more like it and I have always been curious as to when I O). I had read a post here the other day (or maybe it was a info tidbit on FF ) about how sometimes CM can be tinged pink when O is about to happen. I just went to the bathroom and guess what? I have pink tinged cm!!!!! I am so excited!!! I think I will be able to figure out this cycle if I am Oing or not and around what time. I have never been this excited about myself. :. I know it's not a big deal but it's cool to know what is going on with me. I have never had pink tinged cm before. My cycles before getting pregnant were like my last one....filled with loads of fertile type cm so this is a big change for me. I can't believe Cm is making me happy.

Kharen's Avatar Kharen 02:00 AM 01-21-2006

I am excited that you're so excited! This is why I love FAM -- it's a chance to become fascinated by your body.