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Marlet's Avatar Marlet 11:35 PM 01-22-2006
I don't know the statistics or anything so if someone knows tell me! What is the likelihood of getting pregnant if you DID during O time? Is there an increased chance or is that kind of timing mainly used for gender related bding?

adinal's Avatar adinal 11:52 PM 01-22-2006
Under optimal circumstances - if you have sex at the right time, with all conditions being favorable...there is a 20% chance you will conceive each cycle.

So, take that for what it is worth.
ameliabedelia's Avatar ameliabedelia 06:08 PM 01-23-2006
I read that a couple of normal fertility has a 20% chance of conceiving if they have intercourse once during the fertile time. I also read that the chances increase, if they have intercourse more than once during that time (this is for the entire fertile period..not just the day of ovulation).

I also read that 80% of all viable pregnancy's are a result of intercourse happening on either the day before or the day of ovulation.

The is all from "The Art of Natural Family Planning" by the Kippley's.