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Synchro246's Avatar Synchro246 01:46 PM 08-08-2006
My son is 18 months old and I had my first period a little over a month ago. I am now on period number three!
After I went thru puberty my cycles were generally 36-45 days long and my bleeding was heavy w/o cramps. Then I induced lactation and my cycles went to every 50-60 days.
Then I had my son.
My first period happened- was CRAMPY and moderate in heavyness.
THEN 22 days later I had ANOTHER period. It was light.
NOW, 18 days later I am starting ANOTHER. I don't get it. I must have O'd right after the bleeding stopped. OR EVEN when I was bleeding. I practice NFP, so this is sorta stressfull- I probably had unprotected sex around that time.
This feels like it's not me. I feel like some fertility gnome is taking over my womanhood. Does my body really want to get pregnant right now? Am I going to revert to my previous normal?
I feel like I'm experiencing puberty all over again. I don't know what to expect.

nfpmom's Avatar nfpmom 08:03 PM 08-08-2006
This is very common for the first few postpartum cycles. Since you are charting, are you sure you are ovulating even? You may be having short anovulatory cycles...
Hang in there! It WILL normalize.