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View Poll Results: I had a faintly positive preg test and. . .
I turned out to be very pregnant 80 76.19%
I had my period, not a baby 16 15.24%
Other 3 2.86%
This poll doesn't apply to me 6 5.71%
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Fertility > If you had a faintly positive preg test how did it turn out?
Synchro246's Avatar Synchro246 09:39 PM 09-10-2006
So I wanna know how often a faintly positive (and I mean FAINT) means pregnant.
Answer in the thread if the poll doesn't apply and you know about it- answer in the poll if you want.


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Jazzmin's Avatar Jazzmin 09:42 PM 09-10-2006
I have never had a false positive- no matter how faint the line was.
JeDeeLenae's Avatar JeDeeLenae 09:51 PM 09-10-2006
same here
DreamsInDigital's Avatar DreamsInDigital 09:54 PM 09-10-2006
Every positive test I've ever had resulted in a baby. And I've had one of those positives that you only see in certain lights.
Synchro246's Avatar Synchro246 10:08 PM 09-10-2006
So far the three posts and the 5 votes are making me : : :

I don't even know what to think right now.
Lizzo's Avatar Lizzo 10:12 PM 09-10-2006
I was pregnant...and miscarried.
Synchro246's Avatar Synchro246 10:15 PM 09-10-2006
Originally Posted by Lizzo
I was pregnant...and miscarried.
Did you vote that you had a period not a baby?
shelbean91's Avatar shelbean91 10:48 PM 09-10-2006
My faint line is now over 2.
Kleine Hexe's Avatar Kleine Hexe 11:06 PM 09-10-2006
Super faint lines both pgs. Congrats!
KrystalC's Avatar KrystalC 11:20 PM 09-10-2006
I voted, but just thought I'd comment that with this pregnancy the line was so faint that I had to get confirmation from my husband that it was even there. I thought I was seeing things! My HCG was extremely low (only 24) when I had my blood drawn that day, so it was just barely enough to register as positive on the test. We were pretty sure I was going to end up with a chemical pregnancy, but the numbers just kept going up and up.

From everything I have ever heard or experienced, a false positive is EXTREMELY rare and you just can't determine the viability of a pregnancy from the relative darkness of the line. Sounds like congrats are in order if you ask me!!
Elowyn's Avatar Elowyn 11:34 PM 09-10-2006
This happened to me four times. All four times, my tests went from negative one day, to positive for a few days (on a very sensitive test) to negative again, with ultimately negative bloodwork, and an eventual period.

My reproductive endocrinologist and I both think these were chemical pregnancies, or very early miscarriages. I ultimately decided to go on to adoption.

I voted that I had my period, not a baby.
Teensy's Avatar Teensy 11:47 PM 09-10-2006
My very faint line ended up as a blighted ovum (& a missed miscarriage four weeks after BFP).
My next pregancy had a faint line at first, but it got much darker a couple of days later. . . DS#1.

Good luck to you!
1babysmom's Avatar 1babysmom 12:22 AM 09-11-2006
Well...I have 3 experiences with this....(disclaimer- I am a POAs addict- I can give you "reviews" on just about every brand of test, along with pictures of ALL of my BFP's )

1. The first time I had been taking HPT's every other day from 9 DPO on. They were all BFN's. By 18 DPO (my LP is 18 days, so I wasn't "late" by that point or anything) I got a BFP. It was SOOO faint. However, I think I can chalk that one up to the brand (FRE)...because in future pregnancies I used it again and my lines were ALWAYS faint. Anyway, I was pregnant...HPT's for the next few days confirmed that. Unfortunately, though, I miscarried that baby a little after 6 weeks.

2. The addict in my rose out again, and I started testing in the afternoon on 8 DPO. I could only see a shadow of a line, very similar to an evap. But you know how your eyes just *know* there's something there when you've been TTC for a long time? LOL It was a realy line, and day by day they got darker. But I miscarried that baby as well.

3. Once again, POAS addiction got the best of me. 9 DPO I did the same as the last time- afternoon BFP, but SO faint that no "normal" person would've known it was there. Now I'm holding my baby girl.

I guess my experiences may not be what you're looking for, since I have reasons they were so faint, like a crummy brand (I hate FRE) and SUPER early testing.
Sonnenwende's Avatar Sonnenwende 05:08 PM 09-11-2006
My line with my daughter was so faint, I thought I was insane. I took the test apart and everything to see it better. After a few ultrasounds, it was discovered that I had to have tested only 6-7 DPO. I thought I was testing the day I was supposed to get my period with my previously military cycles. Nope, and now my line is getting teeth.
sarahn4639's Avatar sarahn4639 06:05 PM 09-11-2006
the false positive i had was at the d*mn dr office, i *knew* i wasn't but they argued until the blood test came back. i had a very faint line, thought it was wishful thinking but just tested early. a couple days later there was no doubt, she's 10 months now! good luck!!
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 06:09 PM 09-11-2006
It turned out to be pregnant....4 times!
HelloKitty's Avatar HelloKitty 06:11 PM 09-11-2006
Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
Every positive test I've ever had resulted in a baby. And I've had one of those positives that you only see in certain lights.
Ditto that.
Celtain's Avatar Celtain 06:12 PM 09-11-2006
Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
Every positive test I've ever had resulted in a baby. And I've had one of those positives that you only see in certain lights.
angelpie545's Avatar angelpie545 06:56 PM 09-11-2006
I had three positives, two which resulted in babies. With my first I just had a feeling, took a test, and BFP, but the second line was faint. With my second I thought I had the flu and took a test, and it was BFP, not faint or anything-just like dd#2, who is very intense! With the third positive I got it one day when my period was late, but tests later in the day were negative, and a blood test was negative later, and AF came. I still think I had a very early miscarriage though.
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 07:01 PM 09-11-2006
I had two faint positives and one resulted in DS the other was an early m/c.
celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 07:08 PM 09-11-2006
When I had a super, super faint, only-can-see-it-in-certain-lighting, positive test last year, I was sure that I was not pregnant. So sure that I walked around wearing a pad for a 2 days after my period was due Then I took another test at 14dpo (AF was due at 12dpo) and it was just slightly darker, but so faint I took pictures to show an online friend. Finally I decided I *was* pregnant and showed my DH the test when he got home and told him the news. He did NOT believe me and told me there was no line. My son is now almost 5 months old! I did not get a regular intensity line on ANY test until 18dpo. I had my HCG levels tested the next week and they were completely normal. Hope it turns out how you want!
BrookeAD's Avatar BrookeAD 09:46 PM 09-11-2006
I never did get a dark positive with this one, but I am definitely pg.
Synchro246's Avatar Synchro246 10:16 PM 09-11-2006
The line was dark today

I guess I will vote a little later- when I am "very much pregnant"
zjande's Avatar zjande 12:42 AM 09-12-2006
See laura?! It's like they always say: "A line's a line!"

(my early pg test was also veryveryveryVERY faint, but I was in fact pregnant)

Congratulations!!! :
celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 04:13 PM 09-13-2006
stellimamo's Avatar stellimamo 04:18 PM 09-13-2006
I have a 16 month old faint line. I've had one other + but it was a m/c.
sparkprincess's Avatar sparkprincess 04:19 PM 09-13-2006
I had a faint positive and ended up miscarrying. I chose other on the poll because I was 6 days late (never happens to me) and I had another faint (slight darker) positive and then I miscarried. Actually, maybe it was a blighted ovum? I really have no idea! But anyway, I chose 'other' because I'm pretty sure something was going on - it's not like the test was just wonky or something.
fiveyearsapart's Avatar fiveyearsapart 01:33 PM 09-14-2006
My faint hpts are pictured on my blog
Nathan1097's Avatar Nathan1097 01:41 PM 09-14-2006
I have had a few false-positives. I never have a period after. I dunno if they're early m/c or letting the test sit too long, or what. Its possible I guess as I have an IUD.

Otherwise, the only + hpts I've had were my 3 kids. My middle kid was fairly light the first time, but got darker as I retested. Other two were pretty "there".
adamsfam07's Avatar adamsfam07 01:58 PM 09-14-2006
I took 3 tests, all were extremely faint lines, first two said not pregnant, the third said was. I ended up having a miscarriage.
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