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Since my cycle length has been varying lately, I don't know if I'm 2-3 days late or "due" today or pre-menstrual for another few days.

So far both EPT tests I've done have been negative. I'm going to wait now until I'm sure I'm really late, though the waiting is very difficult.

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I don't have a clue how many DPO I was, but I got a + the day before my period was due with a Dollar Store test.
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I got all my BFP's the day before or the day my period was due. Or I just felt a little funny (which would then lead me to think about when my last period was and such in my pre-charting days).

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With my dd, I was 10 days late before I finally got a BFP. It was so frustrating, especially since I was almost positive I was pregnant.
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DD1 & DD2 and both my m/c's I tested the day AFTER my AF was due and got FAINT BFP's each time.

I kind of have a feeling I *might* be right now (but I am probably wrong! HAHA!) and tested yesterday in the afternoon and it was a BFN, I am due for AF tomorrow (monday) or tuesday.

I think it does just depend on the person....I think I may be one that has to wait till AF is actually late, seeing as how I only got FAINT + with all my pregnancies AFTER AF was due.
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I am 2 days late and had only gotten BFNs. Guess it is just different for everyone. I have had signs of AF for a week now and she still is not here.
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While my last 2 pregnancies gave me BFP's at 8 DPO, my first one didn't show positive until 18 DPO, even though the day before I had just tested negative (I started testing at 9 DPO).

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I think the best pregnancy test is YOU. The only time I ever got a positive HPT was when we were trying for our first. The second time I took TWO HPT's and both were negative, only to discover I was pregnant 14 weeks along. I was breastfeeding at the time and i don't care what anyone says, I think that's why it didn't show up! If you think you're pregnant, chances are you ARE!
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hi, Im in the same boat have two little girls and for baby 1 I was 3 days late when I got a faint one on a cheap test so went and got a clear blue, with baby number 2 I was extremely ill and exhausted so to rule it out I took a clear blue 4 days b4 and was 2 weeks preggy. Now Im 6 days late and got a negative everytime but this is not normal for me, not sure how long to leave it b4 I worry

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Every woman is different - my bfp's were at 9, 10, 11 and 14 dpo, but I believe many women haven't gotten them that early.

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