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Electra375's Avatar Electra375 01:36 PM 08-31-2007
My cycles came back early with this one, 5mo old and AF came, then 30 days later, AF again -- great 30 days apart, perfect. OH NO I WAS SO WRONG!!!
20 days later, 3rd AF lasted 8days!!! Now 17 days from start of that, I'm going again.:
I have not been taking temps, that is mighty difficult w a baby.
I started Synthroid 2 weeks before my 2nd AF, that was July 11th that I started that drug.
I started Domperidone about 3 weeks ago.
I pump and fortify my ebm w elecare formula due to protein intolerance in baby, I'm df and gf thus far. I nearly lost my milk supply due to baby not nursing as much and he became FTT, I didn't notice he was not nursing as much, he was nursing, just shorter and spitting up a ton and was extra fussy, but I'd had a fussy baby before. Anyway, milk supply issue resolved on less Domperidone than most take - 20mg 2X per day at min. I shoot for 3X, but my Synthroid has to be taken away from it.
I just had to start takin Zyrtec as the allergen I'm allergic to just hit full force and I can't breath, sneeze all day, asthma, eyes, etc. It's really much worse this year than last, last year I was pregos. I was so hoping it was going to be getting better.
The Zyrtec is not likely having any affect on my cycle changes - maybe Domperidone???
Cross Posting in BFing...
I almost forgot this might be useful info too --
the first 2 AFs were so heavy I could not leave the house
the 3rd (the one 20days from the last) was 8 days long but light to med heavy, not the super heavy could not do anything.
And now this 4th thus far is "normal" med flow.