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canadianhippie 07-01-2010 10:56 AM

Welcome to Summer Cannabis Mamas and MJ Lovers

Our Standing Message:
Our purpose is to Support, Educate & Share information regarding the Many Common & UnCommon Uses and Abuses of Cannabis/Marijuana.

We speak about News Currents, Media, "Medical" Marijuana, State Legislation, Parenting, Breastfeeding, Legal Issues, Spirituality, Plant Uses and Preparations, Opinion, Fact and Truth.

We promote the use of this wonderful Medicinal Plant for Appetite Stimulant, Spiritual Centering, Treating the symptoms of Morning Sickness, Chronic pain, Glaucoma and possibly Curing/Reversing Cancer, AIDS etc... Countless Citizens find this plant medically useful and less harmful than disease causing prescription and over the counter DRUGS.

We are also discussing Hemp another misunderstood plant & seed, which has many wonderful non-medicinal uses < Fiber, Fuel, Plastics, Nutritional Value etc...> This is also illegal to cultivate in much of the U.S.
Also the subjects of spending less money on the "WAR" against Marijuana.
Many governments attempt to mis-inform and discourage Right Education and Safe Access to Marijuana. We Say... Use all things in harmony with yourself and others.

As this is a public forum and may be viewed by anyone with internet access, please be mindful what you post on this topic. Everyone has different comfort levels and we don't want to discourage anyone from joining us.

Welcome to our forum, newcomers, and enjoy!

Resource List under construction, PM me for suggestions

Cannabis and Pregnancy

Common Treatments for Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Use of Marijuana During Pregnancy

Women and Cannabis

Women and Cannabis google books

Dr. Melanie Dreher, reefer reseacher

Cannabis and Children

Is Marijuana a Valuable Treatment for Autism?

Cannabis Reduces Infant Mortality

Mother Explains Why She Gives Pot to her 9 Year Old Autistic Son

Cannabis Legality

The NORML State Guide to Marijuana Laws

Drug War Facts

Drug Policy Alliance

Clinical Studies and Medical Marijuana

International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines

How Cannabis Works on the Brain

Medical Marijuana News and Information

Women's Alliance for Medical Marijuana

ProCon, non-profit public charity

American Medical Marijuana Association

Marijuana Policy Project

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

American Civil Liberties Union

Canadian Links

Why Prohibition

Cannabis Culture Magazine

canadianhippie 07-01-2010 02:04 PM

Afternoon nap in session, so Im back. Well to initiate a little conversation I thought maybe we can talk about how many people in your circle or who you've met through your life have or regularly smoke? how you feel about your province/state/country's progress in either legalization or de-criminalization? How do you advocate and spread awareness for marijuana laws? or tell us a little bit about your smoking history and how you've been able to use herb to benefit your body and mind.

Ill start with a little info about me and mj. Ive been enjoying the herb for i guess about 6 years now, Ive smoked with allllll kinds of people and cultures and gradually came to a place where I could use the herb to benefit and expand my mindset and clear stress. Although, its sometimes just good fun to watch a funny movie and let loose and giggle.

Ive found through my life, 8 out 10 people Ive met smoke. I know in comparison, Canada has a much more relaxed attitude towards marijuana, but it still jams up the legal system with possession charges etc. I for one, have never had to be involved with the police regarding possession, I wish I didnt have to be so cautious about getting caught, as Im sure you all do. I must admit, Ive falling out of the info circuit regarding marijuana law changes and as much as I wanted to go to the Global Marijuana March in Toronto, I had my baby and was advised not to due to the growing tension of the upcoming G20 summit, people thought protests were a little volatile at that time, maybe next year! As far as advocacy, I could be doing more, I switched my focus after my son was born to promote breastfeeding, no circ, baby wearing and things like that. After the g20 summit in toronto, I wanted to get back into my government- related causes, so among other things Id like to build knowledge about mj among the public, without getting myself in to much trouble. I feel now that i have a baby, people will look twice if I say mother and marijuana in the same sentence, and no one needs CSA involved .

Anyways, nice to meet you all, hope you dont mind me starting a new thread and I hope the ice breaker questions are suitable and interesting. happiness to you

shell024 07-02-2010 08:39 AM

Hi there! Perhaps you might copy/paste the links/intro from the first post of the previous thread? I dunno if its standard, but thought it'll probably be helpful.

As for me, I live on Guam, and a week and a half ago, one of our senators introduced a bill to allow qualified patients access to medical cannabis. Two days ago, our local paper published my opinion letter!

eilonwy 07-02-2010 09:11 AM

I know lots of people who smoke and lots of people who don't. If I had to guess, I'd say it's 30/70 in favor of non-smokers. That said, most of the non-smokers I know are fairly mellow, it's just not for them. I have one friend, for example, who had two terrible experiences with herb (enough to seriously consider that he's got an allergy to it ). He's fine with other people smoking, but he's not about to join in any time soon. More later, I just wanted to subscribe.

Mamatolea 07-02-2010 11:24 AM

Originally Posted by canadianhippie View Post
Afternoon nap in session, so Im back. Well to initiate a little conversation I thought maybe we can talk about how many people in your circle or who you've met through your life have or regularly smoke? how you feel about your province/state/country's progress in either legalization or de-criminalization? How do you advocate and spread awareness for marijuana laws? or tell us a little bit about your smoking history and how you've been able to use herb to benefit your body and mind.
Canada has a much more relaxed attitude towards marijuana, but it still jams up the legal system with possession charges etc.
I think it's funny that you say they have a more relaxed view in Canada. My "adopted mother" lives up in Saskatoon and she says they are hard core against it. She used to be a teacher and said there were very few that smoked, even amongst the kids.

Around here in NH, I find a lot more people do than don't but no one broadcasts it for obvious reasons. It's all about covert convo and little things that give it away

I tend to be more forward about it and am an advocate for legalization. I even told my Dr about it and *since she is the awesomest dr ever* she told me as soon as it's legalized, she will write us scripts for it , so it's nice to know we have people around us that think in line with our reasons and love of natural meds. I am, however, very frustrated with our legalization process. The local police are REALLY sticking their fingers in and jamming things up because they would have to PAY for it if it's legal..really, the letter the governor sent to me about why he vetoed the bill said that the police were "worried about controlling it", which means, how will we make money on it when when can't bust people for it anymore?? It's SO annoying. I hate that DANGEROUS drugs like prescriptions for speed, meth, not to mention alcohol which is proven dangerous is still legal and tobacco which is laced with all kinds of ridiculous chemicals to lead to addiction are all still legal, but natural medications that actually help people are still banned in so many places and have such crazy stigmas attached...blah! I donate to MPP to help raise awareness and I also help campaign with letter writing to officials when we are working on legislation. I am also a fan of RIPAC in Rhode Island(in support of my magical mamas down there )

My history is that I have only been partaking for a little over 5 yrs now. Hubby and I never smoked until we were in our late 20s. We just didn't have a lot of people with positive experiences and so it wasn't until we felt safe that we finally tried it. And it has helped with his depression and has really helped with my chronic pain issues. We pretty much only vaporize though, I am not a fan of smoking~for our health and the kiddos too~we want to try baking, but are waiting on a reasonable source for enough to bake with.

Nothing is better than sitting out under the canopy of the heavens while enjoying the natural medicine the earth gives us with all our friends <3

canadianhippie 07-02-2010 10:49 PM

Originally Posted by ~D~ View Post
I hope you dont mind ~D~ , I think this is great.

canadianhippie 07-02-2010 10:51 PM

This is all great conversation mama's, I hope the thread catches on!

Mountaingirl79 07-02-2010 11:13 PM

Hi all! I saw the conversation starter so I wanted to chime in and subscribe.

I am very vocal about my pro MJ stance, and I post a lot of pro MJ stuff on my facebook to spread awareness and also, I work for an alternative wholesale distributor, which is a fancy way of saying " head shop supplier" so my job, 40 hours a week, is to sit in my office and sell vaporizers and all sorts of legal smoking accessories, to stores.
I LOVE my job, and we are all very open and honest at work, all feel like the legalization of MJ will help our business grow! I love that I work at a place where my passion for this is accepted and encouraged.

So, that said, most of the people I know are smokers and so..

As far as where I live and it's stance, it has been decriminalized here and I am happy about that and hope that we will make that next step eventually, sooner rather than later.

I hope everyone who has the option will vote yes to medical mj in November! Lets keep this train rolling!

My history is that I am very knowledgeable on all things cannabis, since 1995.
If you have any questions about vaps or JWH-018 let me know.... :-) LOL

~D~ 07-03-2010 05:17 AM

Originally Posted by canadianhippie View Post
I hope you dont mind ~D~ , I think this is great.
Not at all... I'm actually a little flattered that you liked the quote I searched up when transferring over to the summer thread. It is a good one... The links are the same ones that get carried over from season to season,but I haven't checked them recently to make sure they are all still working. It seems that most of the mamas that were around when I first joined this tribe aren't posting anymore I believe that's where they came from.

I am subbing for now, will post more later. Thank you for the fresh new thread!! I look forward to learning & sharing with everyone!!

crunchymomof2 07-03-2010 12:25 PM

Subbing. Dh and I have been partaking for just over a year now. We had never tried it because of belonging to a conservative christians. Once we stopped dh wanted to try that almost immediately. It has helped both of us a lot. We don't know many smokers yet. Hoping to meet more. Hoping for legalization. Or to move to a legal location.

canadianhippie 07-04-2010 12:44 PM

thats sounds like a dream job mountaingirl79!

I was wondering, do you mama's cut tobacco with your spliffs? I dont use bongs, vapourizers (because of $$) or pipes...just good old fashioned zigzags.

yippiehippie 07-05-2010 01:52 PM

Thx for the summer thread...yay for summer
Be back later, subbing for now of course...

eilonwy 07-06-2010 02:23 AM

I don't roll joints terribly often (and never for myself) but no, I've only rolled regular joints, no tobacco. I'd never even heard of anyone doing that until this thread!

canadianhippie 07-06-2010 06:23 PM

really? its to allow the really sticky stuff to smoke properly, if you add to dry, it would just be a preference.

I feel I have a stigma attached to bong/pipe etc. smoking, I guess I feel like a drug fiend, especially with a pipe, I think of people using pipes to smoke other drugs, and with bongs, people taking a big hit (or more) quickly seems like its just to get as high as possible, i feel like thats how addicts behave. If i smoke, I enjoy the process of it all and puffing back slowly/ taking my time. I am alone on this one? I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY do NOT look down upon those that do, so I dont want you to think im one of "those" its just a preference. I would use a vap, if I had the chance, strictly because of toxins and smoke it removes. Id miss a good ol fashion spliff though

eilonwy 07-07-2010 01:25 AM

Huh. I think of bongs as social things; I can't imagine having one for myself, but if I frequently had friends over to smoke it would make sense. I like the one-hitter a lot, because packing a bowl when it's just me seems kind of silly and wasteful and because it means I don't have to worry about papers.

NewDirections 07-07-2010 01:33 AM

Hi Everyone

I definitely think that marijuana should be legalized. I think it's safer than alcohol.

It should be interesting to see how Californians vote in November

shell024 07-07-2010 03:15 AM

I never enjoyed joints cut with tobacco, maybe just because I really dont like tobacco period, lol.

I mostly love good old fashioned joints and bowl/one-hitter pipes...for similar reasons mentioned above... I often am just too lazy to roll

Does anyone have any experience, knowledge or research/info related to mj and mental disorders?

Mamatolea 07-07-2010 01:15 PM

We don't use rolling papers, I really hate smoking actually. I prefer to vape and we do all the time unless we are out somewhere we don't have access to a plug. We have a bong and a couple of pipes too. Hubby likes to bong, it's his preference, but he vapes with me because he knows it's my favorite. Plus it makes it last sooo much longer. I can vape a batch twice and then we use the rebake to make hash, so it's like three times the love. Very cost efficient for this

I love the medicine, but not the smoke that kills your lungs, so vaping for me is the best option. Next would be baking, but we just don't have the supply to bake with at the moment.

As far as mental disorders, what ones are you referring too? Hubby has depression/anger issues that he takes zoloft for and the mj helps him immensely. I have chronic pain and it helps me as well. My doctor is VERY cool and has already said that when we get legal here, there is a script waiting for both of us So nice to have an amazing doctor(who I called on her cell on the 4th when Lea cut her head open and the dr was pressuring us to give her a tetanus shot..she called me back as soon as she got the message at 10:15pm and told me I made the right choice <3 I love her so much! How many drs you know will call you personally to answer questions-especially aboout no vax-at 10 at night? I want to marry her! LOL)

Hope you are all escaping the heat(here in NH it is 104 today! GAG) and having a fabo summer so far! It's almost fall!!! hehe

makalani 07-07-2010 11:24 PM

I am MJ mama too! Have felt off and on guilty for using since my kids were born but now that they are a bit older ( 5 and 2) I find I like myself and the mother I am a whole lot more when I am using MJ. My hubby really enjoys me too b/c I am not so anxious and moody. I don't use daily but I do use weekly although I have considered going daily.

It's amazing how much more in tune with my children I am when smoke MJ. I enjoy every single second with them and the most simple things become so amazing. I am more patient and understanding. I really hear them when they speak and I think that they enjoy me more when I am tuned into them like that. Anyone else feel similar?

Just moved to California and think I have a good case for a medical mj card so I am looking into it. I get nervous when I think about having to present my case on it though so really I just wish I had a steady source with the same kind of options as a MJ dispensary. Wish it was just easier to find a MJ source in a new place. I don't even know how one goes about it! My stash will soon run out and who knows when I will happen upon a connection For that reason alone a medical mj card would be really helpful. Any Cali mamas that have a card?

Mountaingirl79 07-08-2010 12:11 AM

Makalani, I am far, far away in Asheville NC....But I have some dispensaries in CA that are my clients, they buy legal accessories for their business from me. ( Vaps and grinders and such) Maybe this link will help??:
If you want to know of any that I know personally, let me know..
Also, don't be ashamed! :-)

Canadianhippie, I dont cut my J's with tobacco, I find that the tobacco with it makes me a little dizzy. I think that may be due to my inhaling too deep, so I think it is just me. Dh likes spliffs with no dizziness.

Just checking in. Much love mamas!

shell024 07-08-2010 04:28 AM

Originally Posted by makalani View Post
It's amazing how much more in tune with my children I am when smoke MJ. I enjoy every single second with them and the most simple things become so amazing. I am more patient and understanding. I really hear them when they speak and I think that they enjoy me more when I am tuned into them like that. Anyone else feel similar?
Absolutely! That is me almost word for word!

NewDirections 07-08-2010 10:30 PM

I have a card in CA, what do you want to know?

makalani 07-09-2010 12:26 PM

Originally Posted by NewDirections View Post
I have a card in CA, what do you want to know?
Hi NewDirections! Well I have a brother who has gone through the process in Montana and has his card but he said he has heard that the states with a mmc program are " really cracking down" and making it really diffucult to get a card. Have you heard of anything like this in CA? Did you go through one of the clinics who specializes in the mmc process or just your regular doctor. I feel nervous about presenting myself for the card. I don't know why but I just feel like I will be on trial! Like will I get the right combination of words out at the right time so that I am deemed worthy ya know? Going to be honest but also know that I am sort of "selling it" too. Does that make sense? This nervousness and anxiety has kept me from making an appointment.

NewDirections 07-09-2010 11:44 PM

Hi Makalani,

I picked a clinic that specializes in mmc. It was about $100 for the clinic visit. I was told to bring some medical evidence that supports my need for medical marijuana. They said you can bring in x-rays, prescriptions, dr records, etc. I brought in my zoloft bottle and when I talked to the dr I told him about how mj really helps for my anxiety/depression. He wrote my rx and I took it to a dispensary and bought some mj. It was not a difficult process.

I haven't heard about the state cracking down. It seems in CA the process to get a mmc is almost a formality. There are so many conditions that mj is helpful for. You just need to show something to support your need for green medicine.

I love it that someone in the spring thread refered to mj as an herb (I can't remember who it was, remind me )It is an herb that makes so many people feel better. I feel that the government doesn't have a right to say who can use an herb and who can't. If catnip is totally legal why isn't weed? It's ok if cats get high and not humans

Makalani, let me know if you have any more questions

Peace and love mamas

makalani 07-10-2010 07:39 PM

Thanks NewDirections! Really appreciate you taking the time and I feel much better about getting on with it!

yippiehippie 07-11-2010 05:56 AM

It's good to see so many new names on here, welcome all

The convo on what everyone's smoking out of is interesting to me...I have pretty much everything but use my vape the most just for the health factor and i feel more comfortable using that with a baby around my small apt. However, bongs are my favorite! it's retired now, we just get it out very rarely for special occasions. Dh uses a pipe and i share sometimes, for the social aspect of it. His fav is joints, but never spliffs-i really don't know anyone that does that anymore I guess. I think joints are so bad on the smoke factor and not very economical so we don't use them much.

makalani 07-12-2010 02:57 PM

Heard a lot of great things about using a vaporizer. When using a vape id there less of a burned mj smell left in the air than smoking? Seems like that might be the case. How about on your breath?

yippiehippie 07-12-2010 03:20 PM

Really there probably shouldn't be any burned or mj smell when vaping since it doesn't burn it in the sense that smoking it does. That's why i use it--no second hand smoke for ppl around either and normally there's no smell. I do blow something out but i don't know if that's considered vapors or what. There're supposed to be smokeless. I don't think you can tell on the breath, I can't on DH, but hate how he smells after smoking from a pipe.

maminatural 07-13-2010 08:28 PM

love those words together, makes me think of fresh herbs and flowers...

I log on here every few months and love love LOVE that you ladies are still around. Much love to all!

The Magic Herb... Helps to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. Helps me to focus on the task at hand, helps me be a better mother, sister, daughter... It's underrated and unjustly illegal.

We need to join the social movement towards legalization, beginning with its medical benefits and extending out to the meditative qualities it contains. It is in fact, this plant that could unify us because regardless of color, political beliefs or nationalities, it's pretty much accepted as being a much milder effect than what the government makes it out to be.

Federal Govt has it categorized as a Schedule I drug, which defines it as a drug "with no accepted medical value in treatment" (along with heroin).... really???

Continuing a ban on marijuana is oppressive to women. We know how much more effective than Motrin it is during PMS. There is no better medicine than marijuana during a case of severe morning sickness...

It is oppressive to lower working class citizens when it is proven to be effective against depression. It is a plant we can grow in our backyards and save money. It is clearly better for mental clarity than the other legal stuff like alcohol and nicotine...

But let me stop ranting.... sorry!

I can't roll a joint for the life of me. I have a pipe but it serves me fine... although I would rather be suing a vaporizer but I can't afford one yet. Are there any for less than $75?

I am seriously interested in living in a State that has decriminalized mj, so if this sunny state don't do something to decriminalize it soon, I will have to consider other options. Asheville sounds wonderful, I didn't realize it was decriminalized in N.C.!

Anyway, have a wonderful summer mommas!

Mama2Rio 07-14-2010 06:26 PM

i just talked to my best friend yesterday and she's having such a hard time. she's been really sick for over a year, found out she has some kind of stomach disorder (don't know what it's called because i didn't want to pull info that she didn't want to discuss- i know it's genetic). but most of her problems started to surface after she stopped smoking mj about 2 years ago, she was fine up until that point. her hubby is in the navy and cannot have anything illegal in the house and if she or he is caught it can mean some major problems. she's going to do everything without her husband knowing and if she starts to feel better, she's going to let him know she's been medicating with mj. she wants to go back to smoking because she really thinks it will help her medicate, she doesn't like all the perceptions she's on and has been experiencing some side effect. i'm working with DH's friend to get her some mj because she can't risk asking around. this has been just a crazy week trying to get a deal for her, they both live on the other side of the country in 2 different states and it's just a ridicules situation because of paranoia on her part.

the only plus side is that they may end up getting transferred to san diego within the next year and she can get a card. only question here is, any one a military with a med card? if so, what possible problems can this cause? any one a military family that did not get a med card but is in a state that provides them because of military status? any thoughts?

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