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arioth's Avatar arioth 01:21 PM 07-20-2008
Originally Posted by Amys1st View Post
Very cute~! Did you try the video we linked to?
It wouldn't work for me. :

Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 08:24 PM 07-21-2008

another link for sharing....
mom2anangel's Avatar mom2anangel 01:45 AM 07-22-2008
That was a great video! Thanks for sharing.
Maggirayne's Avatar Maggirayne 03:37 PM 07-22-2008
Originally Posted by mommyto3girls View Post
Loving them, but having issues with the medium. It has two off set holes in the waist (not a direct center hole) I am tiny (5'2" and just over 100 pounds) and I can not tie it well, way way to much fabric. I am going to try to place a button hole in the center to see if it helps. any ideas
Nice deal for a store! I wouldn't use the hole. I rarely do.

Nice video.
on the catch-all shelf.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 06:09 PM 07-22-2008
Originally Posted by arioth View Post
It wouldn't work for me. :

does this work??
Lovin' It's Avatar Lovin' It 07:22 PM 07-22-2008
Originally Posted by Amys1st View Post
Works for me.

I've never seen these before! I'm going to have to find one here locally to check it out and see if it works with my body type.
chinaKat's Avatar chinaKat 12:27 AM 07-23-2008
OK, I'm intrigued... but not sure one will work with my body type. I'd love to see pics of anybody that loves her wrap skirt and looks similar to me: 5'7" and curvy -- D cup, small waist, generous booty/hips. I probably weigh about 145.

If I wear a flowing top without waist emphasis, I usually look considerably heavier -- not a flattering look for me. So I'm thinking of doing the skirt only option. What do you think?
Scribe's Avatar Scribe 12:45 AM 07-23-2008
I pretty much wear mine as skirts only, because they make me look pregnant as dresses. Even as just skirts I think they're lovely. Nice and flowy and multipurpose.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 10:44 AM 07-23-2008
So I received one yesterday from a local coop. The two fabrics are very silky as opposed to crepey. They are also similiar fabrics unlike some of the other ones I have gotten. This one is awesome! I can use it as a dress and skirt. where the others end up being skirts it seems.
frickchen's Avatar frickchen 10:47 AM 07-23-2008
Yeah, I'm having problems finding ways of wearing it where I don't end up with 4 layers of fabric on my tummy. (I'm 5'8, B cup, 145-150)

After seeing this thread, I bought an Enwrapture "One skirt with over 100 ways to wear." The instruction sheet it came with shows how to do 15. Maybe one of the other 85 ways will work out?

I have noticed that since I'm smaller on top, I can tie it in different ways, like wrap it around more times. So, after following their instructions, I experimented a bit. I'll let you all know if I come up with something wearable.

Otherwise, it's a pretty skirt and even if that's the only way I end up wearing it, it was worth the price.
NotQuiteJuneCleaver's Avatar NotQuiteJuneCleaver 01:38 PM 07-23-2008
After reading all the posts here...I just had to order myself one. I will try to keep up so if there is ever another co-op I might get in on it. I had purchased a couple of sarongs and even though I am a bit big for my 5 foot frame, they dont look half bad! So I was thrilled to find this thread!
amcal's Avatar amcal 08:19 PM 07-23-2008
Hey mamas I'm hoping to get a couple skirts but I'm trying to figure out sizing.

I'm 5'7 and am high waisted. I don't wear sleevless anything so, I would only be wearing these as a skirt. I'm trying to figure out where a short, medium and a long would hit me on the leg.

I'm thinking a long would be about ankle length but, I'm trying to figure out where short and medium might hit - how short is short?

Also, do these add bulk to your middle section? I really, really don't need additional. bulk around the middle
Lit Chick's Avatar Lit Chick 11:38 PM 07-23-2008
Hey mamas - I just went a a looking at Enwrapture and they have a whole bunch of ne plus-size ones up. I just got this one
I hope it fits! I'm currently hovering between a 14/16, and I'm hoping a dress version will look nice.
Nickysue's Avatar Nickysue 03:42 PM 07-29-2008
I have six, three long and three medium. I am 5' 4" and slim build, NO chest (darn that kid for deciding to stop nursing! : ). The mediums are beautiful LONG skirts on me. Like, ankle length. They make good mid length dresses as well, very light and comfy for summer weather.

The longs are massive. The patterns are gorgeous, but I wish that I'd ordered more mediums since they are much more versatile on my size. The longs are dresses only and they are super dramatic because of the bright colours and patterns. I've worn one out and felt self conscious all day. It was just "too much", over the top. Got a lot of compliments -- and a lot of stares!

I have watched every video and read every instruction sheet, but I'm still a bit stuck wearing either as a halter or similarly tied style (it stays up!) which leaves a lot of "flowy" fabric and thus makes me look kind of pregnant. Even though I'm tiny. Or wearing in one of the over the shoulder styles which looks way too Harri Krishna. All of the other styles that they show on the videos, you'll notice that they tie quickly and then move on -- because if they so much as took five steps, the darn thing would slip down over their boobs! I'm getting more creative, but still wishing for something to help with all of this extra fabric hanging around me. These would be PERFECT maternity dresses though.

Anybody tried washing these on cold in your machine's delicate/hand wash cycle???
MoonStarFalling's Avatar MoonStarFalling 05:15 PM 07-29-2008
Welcome to MDC! I am not far from you at all.

I bought fabric for two more wrap skirts today : I've seen some really cute ones on Ebay but they are all from Thailand. I wonder if I should buy them or not.
Nickysue's Avatar Nickysue 05:42 PM 07-29-2008
Thanks for the welcome! I've been reading Mothering for years, but finally jumped in and joined the forum :

The wraps are super versatile and the Enwrapture Vintage ones (that I bought through a co-op for $8 each!) are gorgeous. I love all of my colours and patterns. I'm not super keen on the long ones, like I said, because they are so dramatic on me. I'm too small to pull them off. There are certainly a lot of ways to wear them. Its a matter of finding ways that will both stay on (important!) and not look too freakishly like a Harri Krishna and/or a pregnant woman...
lemurmommies's Avatar lemurmommies 06:50 PM 07-31-2008
Strangely enough, I picked up one of these skirts at a souvenir shop in Shediac, New Brunswick. Who knew?? It was fun to get to shop for them in person, since it meant I could choose the exact colours I wanted.

I'm actually wearing it out for the first time today. I've got it on as a skirt, with the top layer gathered and tied over my hip. I don't know what length I have (I suppose I could measure it, eh?) but it is an ankle lenght skirt on me. It's super comfy! I'm going to be watching the co-op board to see if I can get a shorter one too.
Laggie's Avatar Laggie 07:33 PM 07-31-2008
I just got an Enwrapture skirt from a co-op... was there a thread somewhere about trading for different colours? I don't really like mine, it's pretty but I was hoping for something brighter.
mamasgroovin's Avatar mamasgroovin 09:30 PM 07-31-2008
Oddly enough I am actually wearing my enwrapture today. For the first time out in public.
I do have a question, actually. I am rather small chested and the skirt is so silky that it kind of slips right off me when I try to wear it as a dress. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you wear something under it (like a strapless cami) to help keep it in place?
Nickysue's Avatar Nickysue 01:20 PM 08-01-2008
I do have a question, actually. I am rather small chested and the skirt is so silky that it kind of slips right off me when I try to wear it as a dress. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you wear something under it (like a strapless cami) to help keep it in place?
The only way that I can wear mine as dresses is to use the loop hole in front. It works as a halter dress that way. You wrap around, then pull both straps through the loop hole in front and tie around your neck. It will not slip off. ALL of the other styles that they previewed and didn't use the loop hole were useless for me, slipped right down. The over the shoulder styles also work as far as modesty goes, but for me personally, they look a bit too "exotic".

Also, washed all of mine in the cold "hand wash" cycle on my machine and they were absolutely fine. Hung them to dry (over the kitchen chairs no less!), no wrinkles or other creases. They wash nicely.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 03:37 PM 08-01-2008
Originally Posted by Nickysue View Post
Anybody tried washing these on cold in your machine's delicate/hand wash cycle???
I just washed all of them and hung them outside to dry. Went well on delicate cycle. I need to iron the more crepy ones but they came out fine.

I have about 3 that ended up in the girls dress up stuff. 2 short and a long that no one would trade. The short just dont work on me even after I wore them a few times. I like the longer ones more and they are more me. I usually pair them w a camosale top that has a built in bra or I wear my strapless bra. I am a 34B on top so not much to work with here on top as well!

I have found the more silky the fabric, the easier it is to tie it as a dress.
SeekingSleep's Avatar SeekingSleep 03:58 PM 08-01-2008
I'm so bummed! I was attempting to catch my ds the other day as he was running through the kitchen and the skirt just barely got caught on a cabinet handle and ripped a quarter-ish size hole in it. the only way to cover it up is to put the long side on the outside. . I ordered 2 more skirts from another co-op but because the sheer amount of co-ops going on we have to wait for ours to arrive, and the host had a previously planned vacation so it'll be another couple weeks before they come.
KeanusMomma's Avatar KeanusMomma 01:55 PM 08-02-2008
Originally Posted by KeanusMomma View Post
These will be great for vacation...light packing! I'm leaving on a plane on Tuesday, but I won't get mine in time, so I'm going to wing it and make some. I already got fabric and ribbon, but could someone please tell me how big around it is at the top (where the ties are) and the bottom? I'm not doing it on the bias. I'm have some rectangles (possibly squares) and I'll either just tie some ribbon in between as is, or cut them into trapezoids and sew them together first. I don't know how good it'll look with seams, so I want to make sure it's necessary.
Originally Posted by Amys1st View Post
Just make sure you have a picture to show us how it came out.

I just received a new skirt thru a swap (thanks pixie!) and I love the patterns! They actaully look nice together.

FWIW, I saw one of these skirts yesterday in a better department store- $40 for the short sytle.
Here is my homemade wrap skirt (6 pix)
pixiewytch's Avatar pixiewytch 02:21 AM 08-03-2008
I've had mine for awhile but just now decided to comment. I got two of the enwrapture longs and love them, even if they do have a couple of setbacks.

Cons- they rip easily. I have snagged the fabric on mine from just one or two wears.

The fabric slips easily. I quickly determined that these are not garments for housework or doing other errands. These are best for lounging around or entertaining guests while sitting with a cocktail in one hand. Although wearing it as a strapless dress is one of my favorite ways to wear, it does begin to slip with two much walking or running around. I am smaller breasted too for reference.

Pros-I have a big booty and lots of curves beyond my waist. Wrap skirts really do well at disguising that and elongating my torso since I am also short. I thought length might be an issue but really you can tie them as high waisted as you like so this isn't a problem.

I find them comfortable and super glamorous if worn the right way with a few glitzy accessories. They are definitely very boheme and hippie but I think anybody considering one should know that these are hippie skirts! Unless you are buying one in a super conservative monochromatic type of print, it is going to look like a hippie skirt. I don't know about Hare Krishna, haha, but hippie, yes. If you want to be more glamorous, you can call it bohemian and I say add some sparkly jewelry and fancy shoes and you will look more luxe than dirty hippie in no time.

And as for the slipping, I have several cotton wrap skirts and if slipping is really an issue for you, you may want to try an all cotton version because they don't seem to do that much.
jsmith2279's Avatar jsmith2279 04:42 AM 08-06-2008
I have a short one and a long one... I like them, but the colors don't work on me, so I've never really worn them except to try them on.

It's been neat experimenting with all the different ways to use them!
KeanusMomma's Avatar KeanusMomma 10:18 PM 08-15-2008
oops double post. see below
KeanusMomma's Avatar KeanusMomma 10:18 PM 08-15-2008
Tips for looking a little less pregnant in these (for those of us that aren't, lol):

*Wear it with a belt. This sounds a bit strange, but with the skirt I made, I got some thick strong ribbon that looks perfect with it and wear it as a dress, tied in the front without overlap, and it looks just fine with the "belt" tied around my waist.
*Tie the outer layer. On the videos, and even the simple instruction diagram on the enwrapture home page, there's a demo of this look. Experiment with different locations (under bust, natural waist, at hipbones) to see which is the most slimming on you.
*Tie it lower. A lot of these looks feature the empire waist look, where the most fitted part is just under the bust, then flows out from there in a rough A-line fashion. By just moving that down a few inches, you can define your waist just a bit more, and hide any non-baby bump (like I have).

I just got my skirts earlier this week, and I'd love to have more...these are great. Has anyone worn 2 at a time, like one as a shirt and one as a skirt?
zexplorers's Avatar zexplorers 04:17 PM 08-20-2008
What type of shirt do you wear with them? I have 2 that I have nice solid tshirt type shirts that go with them but I have 2 more that I simply cannot find a shirt that looks good with it. One is a turquoise and pinkish and the other is burgundy/royal blue and off shite. My normal black does not look good with either and white is out as well..... Any ideas?? TIA!!
Merf's Avatar Merf 09:25 PM 08-20-2008
You ladies all look great! I've never seen these before but they are now on my wish list.
smeisnotapirate's Avatar smeisnotapirate 12:42 AM 08-21-2008
Originally Posted by Merf View Post
You ladies all look great! I've never seen these before but they are now on my wish list.

I really like how you can dress them up as well.
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