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jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 11:22 PM 05-19-2012

We are leaving next Friday for our next cross-country adventure!  We're heading to Portland for DH's work.  We will be there 3-6 months - not sure what we'll do after that.


We're taking it slowly - driving only on the weekends.  DH will be flying to Portland for the work weeks.  Our first stop is Tucson, second is Los Angeles, then somewhere in northern California.


We never did anything about the freezer.  I am looking for a better cooler and considering getting a portable ice maker.  Still trying to decide.  Since we're going north for the summer, I figure we can handle the fruits and veggies for awhile, at least.



trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 11:45 PM 05-19-2012

I'm in northern california, Petaluma to be exact.

featherstory's Avatar featherstory 11:55 PM 05-19-2012

Do you eat dates?  You can purchase dates and they keep unrefrigerated for quite awhile... they're also extremely filling and full of energy...if you blend them they make great energy drinks.  If you shop every weekend I think you should be fine for produce if you make sure to get some foods that don't need to be refrigerated...like get bananas that aren't ripe and let them ripen, get apples/oranges, figs, nectarines, melons, mangoes, these things don't need to be refrigerated until you open them...also most veggies(greens, celery and herbs) can be put into water to make them last longer and kept out of the refrigerator.  I also leave tomatoes out of the refrigerator and actually find that most fruits/veggies do better when they're not cold, unless they are in danger of over-ripening.  Also look into local farmers, gardeners, CSA's, co-ops and community gardens for better produce costs.


As for diesel in Oregon, I know an RV'er in Portland who may be able to help you...sounds like a great deal!  I would love to find a WVO bus!


Blogging is great but I personally have yet to be really consistent at it, though I have only recently put the monetizing aspect in place.  I'm trying to get some help with my blogs because I have some positions in niche communities that could be really beneficial to companies and I am in the process of asking for sponsorship to help me start my business and go on tour this summer at some events in my niche. 


Congrats JRabbit! 

roadfamily6now's Avatar roadfamily6now 01:36 AM 05-20-2012

Wow, look at all the updates!
I'm totally jealous of the buses you gals are finding that are fully converted AND just $4000. :( Up here in Alaska a $4000 is the cheapest bus you can find and it's just a bus.

Our conversion is going along fairly well but we are running out of time. We have to be out of our house June 1st to the Renters can move in. We could technically move into the bus and work it fairly well but then we'd have to finish is while living in it. If anyone has remodeled you know how long THAT can take.



mamayogibear's Avatar mamayogibear 12:07 PM 05-20-2012
Originally Posted by roadfamily6now View Post

Wow, look at all the updates!
I'm totally jealous of the buses you gals are finding that are fully converted AND just $4000. :( Up here in Alaska a $4000 is the cheapest bus you can find and it's just a bus.

Our conversion is going along fairly well but we are running out of time. We have to be out of our house June 1st to the Renters can move in. We could technically move into the bus and work it fairly well but then we'd have to finish is while living in it. If anyone has remodeled you know how long THAT can take.




I totally didn't notice you were from Anchorage! I lived  Anchorage when I was little. Totally off topic sorry!

lovemyzoo's Avatar lovemyzoo 10:03 AM 05-26-2012

We just got a new trailer trailer. In the spring(2013) we will be living in it full time. But not moving around much. We are moving from NY to AZ which will be a 2-3 week trip. Then in a general area of AZ for a good while. 4-6 months and after that depending staying there or moving again not sure.

We have 8 kids and 1 dog so it will be an adventure that is for sure.

mom2childs's Avatar mom2childs 12:27 PM 05-26-2012

Lovemyzoo - what kind did you get?


For those who are interested in blogging, I've set up a forum at http://forum.mamarvthereyet.com/index.php, so stop on by. I'll have to manually approve you.

featherstory's Avatar featherstory 01:52 AM 05-27-2012

I saw some really cool things in Petaluma and may need to check that place out when I return trekkingirl...we spend most of the summer in Dillon's Beach and in the Sacramento area. 

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 04:44 PM 05-27-2012

Awesome featherstory, come be a moose!


lovemyzoo what are you going to do with all your animals?


mom2childs I couldn't figure out how to sign up on that linky

mamayogibear's Avatar mamayogibear 08:41 AM 05-28-2012

So I don't even have an RV (or bus) yet but I'm just wondering if you ladies prefer triple A or Good Sam? I figure it's best to be prepared! When i drove a VW Westfalia I had AAA but I don't think their RV coverage offers more than 100 miles in towing. What is good roadside assistance for RV's? What is good (affordable but decent coverage) insurance?

mamayogibear's Avatar mamayogibear 08:42 AM 05-28-2012

Oh and I'm thinking of letting go of my dream to get a bus for now and getting a regular motorhome or a truck with a camper canopy... it wouldn't be as awesome but it would be a bit more practacal in terms of repairing if it broke down..

lovemyzoo's Avatar lovemyzoo 12:33 PM 05-28-2012

We got a salem bunk house with 2 slide out in the bunk rooms. We pull it with my full size van.  We are looking at Sam Goodie but aren't part of either yet.


The dog will go with us, the cat will either stay in the barn when we are sell or go to a friend for her barn(it is a barn cat so isn't much options on that) and the chickens will end up in the freezer as they are reaching the end of their laying life anyway.

lovemyzoo's Avatar lovemyzoo 05:05 PM 05-29-2012

OK what do you all do for washing laundry? I can't image laundry mat with all my kids but can't figure anything else out either.

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 08:25 PM 05-30-2012

laundry mat with three kids here! unless one of my relatives takes pitty on me and lets me wash at their house. which usually doesn't happen. I even had to give up cloth diapering because the diapers weren't holding up in the Tide stricken fabric softner stricken machines.

featherstory's Avatar featherstory 12:45 AM 06-01-2012

Yeah cloth diapering is hard with laundromats.  I would wash my diapers either in the kiddie sandbox(plastic turtle) that we used as a kiddie pool sometimes or in the bathtub(pretty stuffy in there).  My plan was to get a wonderwasher, but we moved out of our trailer around the time I thought about getting one.  Other than that yeah...we used the laundromat.  Drying clothes outside of the trailer was pretty easy though until it got rainy.  I think I will get a Wonderwasher this time around or something similar...I know there are some electric washers and some manuals that are portable.

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 09:49 PM 06-01-2012

my mom has a wonder washer, she loves it!

lovemyzoo's Avatar lovemyzoo 07:19 AM 06-08-2012

I was thinking diapering I could go to flats, they are about 60% of my stash and easy(or the easiest) to hand wash) and wool which I already use 90% of the time and has to be hand washed anyway. 

I guess I don't have to take all my kids since my older ones can baby sit, but we have 8, by then 9 kids and we will not be anywhere near families. 6 hours from his dad, 3 days from my side. I will havea  friend in the area she will feel bad for me but I hate to impose. 

I was looking at the portable washers since we didn't get a bigger rv with hook up. I don't mind line drying did it most of the time in Korea too. 

The 1st month we will be on the road, how do you all find places to stay while on the road? The older girls(14,12,10) want to plan places to check out and see on the way-NY to AZ.

Then we will be in one place for the summer, and then either finding a place for the winter or leaving DH and go somewhere better weather to spend the winter. It is AZ but mountains and it gets cold and snowy up there. 


I am excited about it, most of the kids are. I just worry about DH, mainly getting bored and the 14 year old-she is a teen so yea.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 07:51 PM 06-16-2012

You have quite an active thread here. Would you be interested in opening your own Group? It would give you the ability to have more organized discussions as you'd be able to post separate threads for each topic - almost like a subforum. If you'd like to open a Group you'll need two volunteer group leaders. Discuss it and if you decide you'd like to, just send me a PM and I'll get you set up. :)

featherstory's Avatar featherstory 06:03 AM 06-17-2012

I'm cool with an RV'ers group and don't mind volunteering.  Anyone else?

lovemyzoo's Avatar lovemyzoo 02:42 PM 06-17-2012

Sounds awesome to me to. I check the board daily so if you need help I can.

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 11:18 PM 06-19-2012

Yay! I really wanted a group without the commitment of being a leader

Ydolem's Avatar Ydolem 09:49 PM 06-21-2012

WOW!!! This thread is AMAZING!!! I have not read all of the comments yet but I can guarantee you that I will. Finding this is priceless as we are going to buy an RV and be out of our home when our lease is up in October. Soon my DH, two teenagers, and 3 yro son and I will be on the road. We have decided to make a radical change to down size and simplify our lives.

We have always been movers. Within the last 10 years we have lived in WI, CA, MN, IL, WA, OR and now currently FL. We have always found the beauty in seeing new places and have always been up for an adventure. But lately we have been feeling like we would like to settle. We are almost 40 and would love to find a place to live off grid. I need to fulfill a dream from when I was in my 20's of living in the country and having my goats, chicken and a HUGE bad-ass garden. :)

Now, since we have terrible credit and with it almost being our official "second half" of our lives we are forced to look at alternatives to making this happen. So, we are planning to buy an RV within 3 months. Sell the old 1999 Saturn and buy either a scooter or motorcycle to put on the back. We are tired of paying 1000 a month for rent and utilities on top of that so we were thinking that if we could be mobile for the fall and winter that we could save any money we make towards some property. Now, once we have decided on where (could be WA or CO. Open to suggestions) we can either do owner financing or buy something small. We can park the RV on it as a temp house while we work and save towards building either a cob or straw-bale hybrid home. They are very environmentally friendly homes to the earth and couldn't be better for our health. I figure it will take a year to two to finish. I would LOVe to live in a yurt as a temp dwelling but they are running 10-15,000 for a 30' with the proper additions.

As a plus we home school so I do not see a problem with the kids. But taking off in an RV to some place with a mild winter and hoping to find a job scares me to death. There are so many of you on this thread. How do you all do it? I see that some of you have sold a home or have jobs online that help fund your travels. But really what does everyone do to keep gas in the tank and food in your mouths? Who has done this with their fingers crossed and succeeded? Who has not and what did you do? We have moved from state to state many times with a U-haul full of our belongings and have always eventually found a job. Altho Portland OR was a bit rough. YIKES! Anyways, I would love some advise. What do you think? What would you do? Lets talk....

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 11:49 PM 06-22-2012

I still haven't figured out how to make money on the road so we live in our area out of the RV and still work at our traditional jobs. Were saving up for our first home purchase.

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 05:13 PM 06-23-2012

To the two of you that volunteered to start the RV group, Cynthia says you have to post to the DDC thread in questions and suggestions stating that the two of you will facilitate the group and what you want it called so on and so forth. Or you can PM her.

lovemyzoo's Avatar lovemyzoo 08:33 PM 06-23-2012

Posted asking for it.




We will be living in one spot at lest for the spring and summer,early fall in the rv. DH has a normal job lined up when we move(once he retires from the army) but it will be in an area that won't allow winer living in an rv(mountains) so we are hoping to spend the spring-fall in it and then have a house/ranch/farm again. If we aren't able to when winter starts me and the kids will move a few hours south were we can stay in the rv for the winter and dh will rent a small place in town then come down on the weekends/holidays. My hope is to only have one summer in it, I will miss my animals and garden. Then once our kids move out more we can spend more time in it and when he retires for good live full time in our rv. I am a traveler at heart and if I could have some animals and move often I would do it..

lovemyzoo's Avatar lovemyzoo 09:10 AM 06-24-2012
bmdatx's Avatar bmdatx 11:56 AM 06-27-2012

I just love this site. As soon as I think I'm the only crazy mother out there I find so many other like-minded moms thinking along the same lines. We are about to hit the road in a fifth wheel with our 6 month old and out 100lbs dog! I would love to connect with other families with babies on the road!

Ashleigh Priest's Avatar Ashleigh Priest 07:50 PM 07-01-2012

Hi ya'll. I am from Florida. We got rid of our house in Feb 2012 because my husband travels for work and it was becoming too expensive for 2 households. We have a 9 month old son and a baby on the way (8 weeks). My husband is a union plumber/pipefitter. We travel everywhere

crazyms's Avatar crazyms 07:28 AM 07-09-2012
Hi everyone. Well we moved to MO with the camper and took traditional jobsfor awhile but dh finally left out again so our next post is Annapolis MD. It will probably be about two months before we are with him since my Durango needs some repairs but I'm excited. I just quit my day job and will be home with the kids full-time again! Trying to get the camper in order before our move and plan the kids curriculum for this year. Can't wait for more updates from everyone! joy.gif
crazyms's Avatar crazyms 06:59 PM 08-18-2012
Where is everyone now? We made it to Maryland and are set to be here til about the end of tge year. The park we found is nice but doesn't allow for a full hookup so I'm looking at making our RV more self contained just not sure how I want to do it yet.
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