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FullMetalMom's Avatar FullMetalMom 10:44 AM 06-08-2009
Right now I am 9 weeks pregnant ( with my second child. I am beginning my search for a homebirth midwife, but I am might possibly go with a birth center. I am interested in hearing about any experiences with the Hollywood birth center! TIA.

Tashakittie's Avatar Tashakittie 05:33 AM 06-10-2009
Personally, I've heard lovely things about Hollywood Birth Center. I am currently planning on birthing there. I am about 25 weeks along with my 2nd pregnancy. The midwife I'm seeing is Sharon Hamilton, and she has a part time practice in which she does both birth center and home births. I am actually looking to schedule my official tour of the center next week; I'm very excited.
SinginMamaTo2's Avatar SinginMamaTo2 07:00 PM 06-21-2009
Both my kiddos were born with HBC midwives!! Debbie Marrin for my first, at the birthcenter and Sharon Hamilton with my second. It was going to be a home birth, but dd was very late, so had to have a hospital birth. But Sharon continued as my doula and it worked out really well.
They are lovely women, caring, and I would recommend them and the center very highly. The staff is wonderful and both experiences were very satisfying.