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sunhappy's Avatar sunhappy 03:04 PM 06-11-2009
I live near Orlando, and have a 25 month old son who has not had any vaccines yet.
I will most likely start them and space them out over the next few years.
My questions is
If anyone else is in my situation, how do you handle playdates with other children?
Do you let the other parents know that your child is not vaccinated?

Also, I would like to put my child in some type of day care a few days a week .
I know in the state of Florida, if your child doesn't have all the required shots, there is a waiver form you have to fill out before enrolling in school.
But I am unsure about how day cares and pre-schools handle it.

Thank you for any help!

bellydance2290's Avatar bellydance2290 05:10 PM 06-11-2009
I can't help you in regards to the law on enrolling in daycare but my 12 mth old daughter is not vaxed and I just started taking her to play dates, the gym daycare, etc. If there are obviously sick kids I will leave, but that hasn't happened yet. I also give her echinacea/astralgus just to keep her immune system strong. When we leave, I either put sanitizer on her hands (alcohol based) or wash them with soap. She has never been sick. I am still BF her so I'm sure that helps. As far as telling them he is not vaxed, that isn't any of their business as far as I am concerned. It's never even come up for me and most of my Mom's groups are pretty mainstream.
mjw2003's Avatar mjw2003 10:46 PM 06-11-2009
You can get the religious exemption form at the health department. Pre-schools and day care should take this. But you can't selectively vax with it, it's all or nothing. And I don't tell other people, as I don't think it's any of their business. Good luck
Turkish Kate's Avatar Turkish Kate 10:59 PM 06-13-2009
I'm just curious why you think you should tell other people that your child isn't vaccinated? I've never had a playgroup-type person ask me and never brought it up with anyone else.
blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 12:28 PM 06-14-2009
people will just assume your child is fully shot-up. no need to say a word.

and yes, go to your local HD to get form...681, i believe. if you need help, PM me. i had no issues at the melbourne HD. they cant ask you ANY questions, and your LOs SSN is NOT required, despite the space on the form for it.
MichelleAnnette's Avatar MichelleAnnette 09:09 PM 06-14-2009
I do not generally tell people my ds is not vaxed unless we start talking about it. He has never been in daycare but he's been around other kids at playgroups, public places, etc just like anybody.

I am not fully vaxed and I attended public high school and college (in GA). In high school, my mom filled out the religious exemption saying we do not vax even though I was partially vaxed. In college, I filled out the form myself. If I were to partially vax my son, which I do not plan to do, and wanted to send him to school, I would fill out the exemption saying he is not vaxed.