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mamamoogs's Avatar mamamoogs 01:34 PM 06-30-2009
Hi All
I am trying to locate a midwife that will be willing to take me on as a client, we would like to try for a vba2c. I am not having any luck calling around, so I thought I would try here.

Recently we thought we were pg with our third but we werent, which i was a bit nervous thinking we were because I am terrified of having another ceserean.

I dont want to get into the details here as to why I had two previous c's.
But we would like to have another little blessing to ass to our family.
I want to plan ahead for this, so I can be relaxed in my pregnancy.

So if you can direct me to anyone and any source, I would be very grateful, you can pm if you rather contact me that way.

Thanks Mamas!

charlierae's Avatar charlierae 12:14 AM 07-01-2009
Who have you talked with so far?
Hallielynn01's Avatar Hallielynn01 08:38 AM 07-01-2009
In St Pete area your only option will probably be homebirth midwives- here are two in the area

Anne Hirsch

Jill Adams
mamamoogs's Avatar mamamoogs 09:53 AM 07-01-2009
Originally Posted by charlierae View Post
Who have you talked with so far?
I called a few facilities that i found typing in st pete midwifery, i didnt get the names of the persons , i typed in my zip and it brought a list up.
Also in talking to a few mamas in the area, they made it sound totally taboo to have a vba2c. :

I havent called the names below though, I will call them today.
wombjuice's Avatar wombjuice 01:16 PM 07-01-2009
Have you joined Florida's ICAN group?

Those ladies can help you find a care provider who can assist you with your VBAC. Good luck!
Hallielynn01's Avatar Hallielynn01 09:47 AM 07-03-2009
there is a tampa chapter now!
Adasmommy's Avatar Adasmommy 08:57 PM 08-07-2009
I just suggested Jill Adams on another thread. I am considered "high-risk" like you due to having a classical vertical incision on my uterus, and for months the only answer I could get out of anyone was that I had to have a repeat. Not likely!

Jill is happy to do my homebirth I am so excited!

I had to get an OB signoff, which Jill arranged with Dr Magloire from Miami, who comes up to Orlando now and then to signoff all us middle-floridians who can't find a closer OB willing to say they read us our risks : Anyway, Dr Magloire was great, and I'm going forward with my homebirth plan which seems almost unreal after being told it was "impossible" for so long!
mamamoogs's Avatar mamamoogs 11:47 AM 08-08-2009
hi there
I think I talked to Jill on the phone and Iw as told that i was not a canidate for a homebirth because od of two prior c-s , I think it was Jill i talked with.
anyhow we are putting a hold on our family additions until i am sure i will be able to find a provider that will support my decisions on homebirth, the search continues.
Adasmommy's Avatar Adasmommy 09:57 PM 08-12-2009
I had my appointment with Jill today and I asked about you. She said that she does do homebirths after multiple cesareans, so maybe you have confused her with someone else.

Or it may be that her information is being confused with Countryside Birthing Center which will not do us "high risk" folks. Jill has been working at Countryside, but she's started her own practice doing home births only, and as an independent midwife she is much more available. You should totally call her, so you can get on with the family making! She also accepts pregnancy medicaid.

She said you should give her a call at 798-2452 and she'd be happy to talk to you.
Hallielynn01's Avatar Hallielynn01 12:18 AM 08-13-2009
I second the recommendation to call Jill. She is great. She caught my first baby!
skylarsmom08's Avatar skylarsmom08 09:33 PM 08-20-2009
I'm using Labor of Love in Dunedin...I absolutely ADORE them, but don't know if they do VBACs. It's a free standing birthing center about 4 miles from a hospital but they do homebirths too. Their number is 727-734-2229
Hallielynn01's Avatar Hallielynn01 08:43 PM 08-21-2009
things keep changing with the rules regarding VBACs and birth centers. One friend was told that she could have their overseeing Dr approve her for a VBAC now while they had the ok to do so, even thought she isn't pregnant, just in case the rules end up changing. Or at least that's how I understand it. I used the labor of love ladies for my homebirth this time, and they were amazing.I was with Jill when she was at countryside birth center, but she's slowly moving out on her own, as another poster mentioned.
rebirth's Avatar rebirth 12:45 PM 08-23-2009
Birth centers are not allowed to do VBACS at all in florida, even if you've since had a successful VBAC.

From my understanding homebirth midwives cannot attend VBA2C unless you've had a successful VBAC since your last cesarean.
noracnm's Avatar noracnm 02:09 PM 06-22-2011

I know this is an old thread, but no, as of right now anyway, can't do VBACs in a birth center. 


I, however, as a homebirth CNM, can do anything within the boundaries of safety and my protocols.  I DO tend to adhere to the low-risk screening criteria for Florida LMs, though I am not licensed under their statute, simply because I believe that low-risk women are the ones that should birth at home.