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SueDeNym08's Avatar SueDeNym08 05:55 PM 09-03-2009
Can anyone recommend a natural childbirth friendly midwife or OB in Jacksonville? I have been doing my research and have determined that Fruitful Vine Midwifery (Sharon/Hope) and A Place for Women (VanScriver, Slade, and Brady) have practices in place that (for me) raise ethical and moral concerns. It seems my options are very limited. Isn't there an alternative?

e(Lisa)beth's Avatar e(Lisa)beth 01:05 AM 09-08-2009
I am not aware of any other providers in town with a natural mindset.

If you're interested in sharing your concerns about Fruitful Vine and A Place for Women, I'm certainly interested in hearing them.
hopingforbaby206's Avatar hopingforbaby206 07:20 PM 09-20-2009
I would also be interested to know what your concerns are. A Place for Women is one of the practices I'm considering.
leila1213's Avatar leila1213 07:24 PM 09-20-2009
My sister went to Sharon at Fruitful Vine and she was awesome (I was there ). What is it they do that you don't agree with?
SueDeNym08's Avatar SueDeNym08 04:27 PM 09-21-2009
While I have heard wonderful things about Sharon and Hope at Fruitful Vine, I am not comfortable seeking care there. I will explain:

Kimberly VanScriver (of A Place for Women) is the back-up OB for Fruitful Vine. She is also one of two doctors who performs abortions up to the third trimester at a local abortion clinic. I'm not comfortable with a practitioner who sits on both sides of the fence, so to speak - especially because I am pro-life. This being so, I'm also not comfortable giving business to a place (Fruitful Vine) who sends clients to her, knowing what she does. To me, they are sending the message that they support her, when they have claimed to be very pro-life. I have also become aware that on 2 separate occasions, Kimberly VanScriver has threatened to call the Department of Children and Families in situations where a laboring mother wanted to deviate from VanScriver's recommendation regarding decision-making rights during labor/delivery.
leila1213's Avatar leila1213 11:21 PM 09-21-2009
Oh wow. VanScriver seemed to be the only natural-minded OB in the area, and my sister actually went to an appt at her office before deciding to go with the birth center (due to watching BoBB at my insistence ). Not that I am adamantly pro-life, but knowing what you've said would make me very uncomfortable with her (VanScriver). Not sure how Fruitful Vine could profess to be pro-life with that situation. The DCF calls would make me extremely wary as well.
SueDeNym08's Avatar SueDeNym08 12:47 PM 09-22-2009
I actually was seen for my first few prenatal visits at VanScriver's office. The atmosphere was nice, but I wasn't extremely impressed with the quality of care. At one visit, I waited in the exam room in a paper gown for almost two hours and nobody ever came in to say anything. I have heard great things about VanScriver (I only ever saw the CNM and the other MD when I was there), that she can be very personable, takes her time with patients, etc., but the negative just totally outweighs the positive for me.

Oh, I should add that I'm still considering Fruitful Vine as a option...I would just need an OB to agree to be my back-up in case I risk out or need a transfer.
catters's Avatar catters 03:56 PM 09-24-2009
Karen van Scriver was my OB before I moved to Wisconsin. She delivered my daughter. I was desperate to VBAC and for reasons I am not going to get into, I chose to schedule a second c-section. She knew my heart and the day of my surgery came in asking again if I was sure this was what I wanted to do. I struggled a lot during this last pregnancy and she always took plenty of time with me, was compassionate and loving. I also admire her for not shutting women out when they need a choice. I love her. She is definitely considered one of the best OBs in Jacksonville, as well, she is an excellent surgeon. My husband is a doctor and everyone in the Jax system will attest that she is phenomenal as a surgeon. My two cents re: KVS. Also, Dr. Slade and Helen Brady the CNM are excellent, IME. Good luck.
momofolivia's Avatar momofolivia 12:35 AM 11-20-2009
I went to Fruitful Vine for my prenatals. I had complications and was transferred to the hospital. Vanscriver became my OB. I saw her for the first time as I was coming out of the hospital bathroom. She was there to induce me. Her very first words to me were "You know you might have to get a c/s?" No hello. No I'm Dr. VS.

I wish there as another OB in the area that was a viable alternative. I wasn't thrilled with Sharon (I liked Hope). Evelyn was personable and she was the person who delivered my daughter.