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AuntRayRay's Avatar AuntRayRay 07:35 PM 10-08-2009
Hi We just moved down here about 2 months ago and are unschooling this year. I was wondering if there were any other unschoolers in the area? Or some HS'ing groups even? It would be great to connect once in awhile with some like-minded people

Kia74's Avatar Kia74 08:56 PM 10-08-2009
My kids attend private school here, and will attend public school once we relocate to Ormond in the spring. But during the course of my internet search for local parenting info came across this yahoo group.


They were very nice when I contacted them.
clane's Avatar clane 10:51 PM 10-10-2009
Free Volusia Homeschoolers on yahoo homes all types of homeschoolers throughout volusia county.
AuntRayRay's Avatar AuntRayRay 02:42 AM 08-04-2010
for some reason didn't see these replies earlier, but Thanx
I found a few yahoo groups that looked interesting and joined