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ekiowa's Avatar ekiowa 06:25 PM 11-21-2009
Are there any Midwives that attend VBACs in or around the Fayetteville, Ga area. I will be moving there in a couple of weeks and am researching care providers for the future. Thank you!

thorn's Avatar thorn 12:33 AM 11-22-2009
I don't know of any in Fayetteville, but the midwives at Intown Midwifery (Margaret and Anjli) aren't all that far away. They would be the closest ones that I would recommend.

The ICAN of Atlanta group has an active message board with provider reviews and vbac support, you should join us
Doula Tracy's Avatar Doula Tracy 11:25 AM 11-23-2009
I am a doula and mom of ten who lives in Fayetteville. The only CNM in Fayetteville who does some (limited) VBACs is Heather Fikes at Piedmont Fayette Hospital. Trying for a VBAC at that hospital is difficult (I have worked there). I second the Intown Midwifery suggestion. I have had wonderful experiences with them. Give me a call and we can talk more about the choices in this area.

Tracy Cuneo, CD(DONA)
KittyKat's Avatar KittyKat 04:47 PM 11-27-2009
I also highly recommend Intown Midwifery. I know people who have gone there for VBAC, and I have also seen the main midwife, Margaret, for one of my pregnancies.

If you are looking into homebirth midwives, that's another story. There are some in the general Atlanta area, but I would advise you to be very careful and get lots of references before deciding on a midwife, and interview her backup midwives as well. If she has no backup arrangements, just say no thanks.
thorn's Avatar thorn 05:50 PM 11-27-2009
only two homebirth midwives in atlanta really accept vbac clients. (some others will do it with special circumstances I think, like if you were a client when you had your c/s, or other exceptions)