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SabraMamma's Avatar SabraMamma 12:17 AM 05-28-2010
Anyone have a good pediatrician or family doctor that they would recommend in Boca Raton, FL. We have been here a little less than a year and I am feeling quite discouraged with the kids' current doc for numerous reasons (mostly scheduling stuff.) If anyone has a doc that they like, please share! Thanks!

roxemama's Avatar roxemama 01:05 AM 06-06-2010
We go to Dr Marcus in West Boca. We don't vax so visits are far and in between. He's great with DD. I don't know the other guy. The only think I don't really care for are the long wait times since they seem to be busy. I have another sugguestion but I have to find it. Good Luck!

Dr David Marcus
Dr. Michael Sonenblum
9801 Glades road
Boca Raton
SabraMamma's Avatar SabraMamma 09:20 PM 06-14-2010
Thanks so much!
roxemama's Avatar roxemama 09:48 PM 06-25-2010
My friend who did selective vax likes Dr. Stone. She is with Advanced Pediatrics near Boca Hospital West.

Razz2525's Avatar Razz2525 02:47 PM 08-02-2010
Do you know if your friend is required to sign a waiver when she does the selective vaxxing?