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Razz2525's Avatar Razz2525 01:13 PM 07-21-2010
I'm on a search yet again - Dr. Edelstein in Lake Worth is *not* ok with selective vaxx as previously reported on this board. Maybe he was laid back at one time, but he's not anymore!

Ft. Pierce is too far for me and Dr. Marcus in Boca Raton also gave me a hard time, and when I say hard time, I don't mean aggressive since in the end, they acceded to my decision, but they make you sign the waiver and they tell you it's a really bad idea and that you're doing harm to your child.

I live in Wellington but I'm willing to go further north (within reason). I'm not having much luck going south. Thanks!!

Mom2John's Avatar Mom2John 06:51 PM 09-28-2010
I recently took my 8-month-old son to a family doctor - Dr. Gabriele P Knaus on Burns Rd in PBG. We do not vax, and when the topic came up, she was respectful and said that vaccinating was our decision to make as parents.

She is an MD and also practices homeopathic medicine.

Good luck!
Razz2525's Avatar Razz2525 12:31 PM 10-05-2010
Thanks so much! Did she make you sign a waiver?
Mindful Mom's Avatar Mindful Mom 05:08 PM 10-09-2010
My family and I go to Dr Knauss as well. We live in Wellington and gladly make the drive up to Palm Beach Gardens.

I never had to sign a waiver and, while she WILL vax if you want to (we don't), she is decidedly anti-vax.
Razz2525's Avatar Razz2525 09:36 AM 02-23-2011

I had my first appointment with Dr. Knaus recently and found her a bit abrasive.  We are doing a selective/delayed schedule and she seemed shocked that I had been doing that with my previous pediatrician.  She said "I'm surprised they let you do that."  She didn't make me sign a waiver but when I asked to have the yellow form completed, she said she needed to do the blue form in which case she said my baby needed to have varicella, MMR, etc., right away.  This surprised me because I thought she was anti-vax, but I told her that I had an exemption form so I never usually ask the pediatrician for the blue form, to which she said she needed a copy.


Maybe I'm just misreading the situation but her telling me that I needed to get him shots was surprising.  If anyone selectively vaxxes with her, please let me know your experience.  It didn't help that when we did get the single HIB, the technician stuck him a few times without giving him the dose... a nurse had to intervene and gave him the shot immediately but he was beside himself by then.  She had me hold him on my lap to give him the shot and it wasn't comfortable for either me or my baby, who just happens to be very strong and very physically aware (he's 15 months). 

cierra159's Avatar cierra159 09:04 AM 04-28-2011

I'm really not fond of this pedi as she has never given me the 'wow factor' but if you just want a pedi to visit for baby wellness visits and who won't judge you about non vaxing or delayed vaxing Dr Colon would be 'OKAY'. Its usually just measurements, everything okay? And you leave. I like it, short and to the point. She asks for a copy of your waiver and that's it :) She is an hour away from Wellington though, in Coral Springs, totally worth the drive though (to not have a dr hassel you about vax).