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xela's Avatar xela 01:49 AM 10-04-2010
Delayed vaccine, new to Sebastian.

blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 06:08 PM 10-12-2010
Margaret Witzleb, ARNP at Children's Healthcare of Brevard in Melbourne. I put up a whole thread about her. You can search this forum for it. She's pretty awesome!

Other than Margaret, Dr. Rastorfer has been said to be ok with delayed vax, and one other male dr whose name I can't recall. Rastorfer isn't taking new patients right now. That's pretty much it for south Brevard. IR county may be better.

Oh, yeah, Dr. Punger in Ft. Pierce or thereabouts. Haven't met her in person, but we've emailed.

And if you're ever in need of an orthodontist, I LOVE Dr. Jenny at the Wemmer clinic.

BTW, Welcome to MDC.
xela's Avatar xela 07:39 AM 11-01-2011

Thank you for the recommendations.