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MiaFL's Avatar MiaFL 03:35 PM 02-23-2011

Since MDC cannot host any negative reviews, can you please PM me if you have something less than stellar to say about a midwife.


I want to explore my options WRT the midwives in the Orlando area.  I definitely want a homebirth (had one previously) but there are a few things about my current midwife that are giving me second thoughts.  I would love to hear the good and the bad about the midwives you know (or even know of).  Some of the things I'm interested in are medical knowledge including how much she is into alternative vs. standard medicine, what kind of prenatal tests she gives, and anything about hospital transfers.  Any info would be appreciated. 



MiaFL's Avatar MiaFL 08:39 PM 02-27-2011

Anyone else?


I want to be clear that I'm not only soliciting negative reviews, I just want to hear everything.  And some things that are plusses for some women would be deal-breakers for others.  I find it important to get information from other mothers and I know no one IRL who has had a homebirth. 

NewBeginnings1's Avatar NewBeginnings1 09:39 PM 02-27-2011

I witnessed my sisters birth at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center in Sanford. From her accounts, I believe that she would recommend the center. It might be worth a look!

MiaFL's Avatar MiaFL 01:41 PM 02-28-2011

I've also heard a lot of good things about Heart 2 Heart but I'm not looking for a birth center birth.  I need to be at home to feel comfortable to have a natural birth.

illumini's Avatar illumini 07:21 PM 02-28-2011
The MWs at H2H do hbs too. I had them for my first birth (for a bc birth though) This time I'm seeing Kelly Johnson and as I'm very early on I don't feel comfortable giving a big review yet. I do like her thus far.

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illumini's Avatar illumini 09:29 AM 03-01-2011
Oh I forgot to add that there are a few groups you can join that have women who have had hbs. An online one is Orlando Peaceful Parenting, on yahoo groups. If you'd rather meet in person we have a babywearers meeting that doesn't mind talking about hb either. I can pm you the link to the bws if you want.

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ErikaG's Avatar ErikaG 11:08 AM 03-01-2011

I had a terrific experience with Kelli Johnson, and if I'm fortunate enough to have a third child will go back to her.  One of my very dear friends is apprenticing with her right now, and another friend is also apprenticing with her-I don't know if those are the only students she has right now. 


I was very happy with Kelli...she's not the right match for everyone though...I know, for example, that one of my friends was very unhappy in her care,  and that's why it's great to have options.  I know a number of my friends have used Diane Albright (All Bright Beginnings) for homebirths-her office is in Altamonte Springs.  Kaleen Richards, from Heart2Heart in Sanford has also opened her own practice, part of which is homebirth-she's a CNM I think, which may affect the regulations governing who she can take on as a client and what her limitations are-licensure for CNMs is different.  I don't remember the name of her practice though-Tree of Life is ringing a bell, but I don't know for sure.   I don't know if Robyn Mattox (who took over the Birthing Cottage from Alice Pilay and then changed it's name) does homebirth-she's in Winter Park, but that may be a birth center only option.  She's Inspiration Midwifery, I think.  I don't think I know anyone who has birthed with Karen Bove, but she's another option in the area for a homebirth..  


You have a couple of local options for homebirth. I hope you can find someone who is the right match for you. 

happymommy1's Avatar happymommy1 06:23 PM 03-30-2011

Kaleen who used ot be at heart2heart still works separately and does home births from what I hear. So does Michelle who owns heart2heart. My third child was delivered by Kaleen at that center and it was great too.:)