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kindyll's Avatar kindyll 08:01 PM 09-25-2011

Cross posting this from the introduction thread as well.


I've got a little girl on the way sometime around the 14th of October.  I am super excited, and have been preparing for an unmedicated birth with doula support at Northside hospital.  I've got a monster stash of cloth diapers, plan on breastfeeding, will cosleep with our daughter in our king bed, and selectively vaccinate.  I've also currently got a horrible case of PUPPP that is driving me bonkers.  I've been a teacher of special needs students for 6 years now, so I feel pretty confidant with kiddos once they're over age 4.  That said, I've never changed a diaper in my life, so this whole baby experience is new to me!  I've been soaking up as much advice and knowledge as I can over the last 9 months.


At this point I'm specifically looking for thoughts and tips on dealing with PUPPP, finding a crunchy pediatrician, experiences with natural birth at Northside, and how to get to know some other moms in the area.


Looking forward to hearing from people soon!

little birds's Avatar little birds 06:58 AM 09-27-2011
Welcome, mama! I had a horrible case of PUPP! The only thing that helped was making some watery oatmeal, straining off the liquid, soaking a cloth in it and laying it over my belly for awhile. It's gross and a bit slimy, but it worked better than anything else. Then rinse well and use an anti itch lotion like Sarna or a Calendula Cream ( I like California Baby). No advice on Northside, as I delivered my twins via CS at Piedmont, but I hope you have a great birth. There's a thread somewhere on this board about pedis, I think there's a great one in Alpharetta and one on the east side that the ladies here recommend.
Also, check out the Atlanta Babywearers group, they are a lovely group of mamas. You can find them on Facebook, or search "Koala Mamas Atlanta". smile.gif
kindyll's Avatar kindyll 09:25 AM 09-27-2011

Excellent!  I will give the oatmeal a try (it's one of the few things I haven't tried) and just joined the facebook group.  I tracked down a couple different pediatrician threads, and have a list of people to call now too.  I should have joined earlier!

thorn's Avatar thorn 09:43 AM 09-27-2011

What qualities are you looking for in a crunchy ped specifically?  No vax, delayed vax, not pushing abx, etc?


As far as natural births at Northside, they happen, but they are far from the norm.  Is there a reason you are there (like Kaiser insurance) or do you have other options?  You are going to have better luck with a natural birth at a practice that sees them all the time...

kindyll's Avatar kindyll 10:25 AM 09-27-2011

pediatrician- I'm looking for delayed/pick and choose vax, possibly even no vax.  I'm like a doc who doesn't automatically toss meds at every problem.  I've rummaged the forums, and the names I see the most are Dr. Carol Herrmann, Dr. Elizabeth LeDuc, and Dr Jill Overcash.

When we found out we were expecting, we got a lot of advice (solicited and unsolicited) and the majority said that Northside is the place to be.  It wasn't until after we took the tour and attended childbirth classes etc that I started to think about the fact that the advice came from people who were perfectly happy with interventions, and the more I learn the less ok with interference I am.  I like Northside from what I can tell so far, and it seems to have potential to be a good place.  They advocate rooming in and breastfeeding, they are fine with me moving around all I want during labor, they start an IV port but don't put anything in unless you actually need it, etc.  I'm hoping that having a doula and a CNM rather than an OB will help offset any hospital interference.  My group beta strep came back positive, so I'll have to have some antibiotics, but that's 20 min here and there, not the entire time.  Similarly, they will want to get 20 min worth of fetal monitoring at the beginning, but allegedly will leave me be most of the rest of the time. 

Bottom line:  I'm at Northside not because I want them to birth my baby for me.  I want them to be there in case something goes wrong.  I'm really uneasy at the idea of switching to a different place right now.

oliesmama's Avatar oliesmama 09:07 PM 09-27-2011

Welcome and congrats on your upcoming arrival! I'm glad to hear you have a doula - I think the group you are with at Northside influences the experience a lot.  That said, I don't know of too many moms who birth there, but my doula has attended births there and experiences vary widely.  Sounds like you have done your research and prep work, so setting yourself up for a great experience. 


As for peds, we see Carol Herrmann and I'm a huge fan.  You can PM me for more info.  You may want to check out the Holistic Moms Network and scan for other like-minded people.  


Again, welcome!

3littlelambs's Avatar 3littlelambs 12:45 PM 09-29-2011

Welcome! I am assuming you are in Gwinnett?  GAM is a great forum to connect with moms in your area. There are also weekly events so you can get out and meet other moms and eventually some other buddies for your child. Here's the site:


milosmomma's Avatar milosmomma 02:25 PM 09-29-2011

I had 2 unmedicated (VBAC) births at Northside.  Both were fantastic.  With my son in 2008, I was asked at the beginning whether I wanted meds.  I said no and they never asked again.  With my daughter this past March, meds were never even mentioned.  The L&D nurses were also pretty great about encouraging me to move around/walk/squat/etc during labor and pushing (which is polar opposite from what I usually hear about Northside).  I know that Northside has a reputation of being "The Baby Factory" and being intervention-heavy.  But, in my experience, they were perfectly willing and able to give me the birth experience that I wanted.   


Oliesmama has a great point, the practice you're with will also have an huge impact on your experience.

thorn's Avatar thorn 07:22 AM 10-03-2011


Originally Posted by kindyll View Post

Bottom line:  I'm at Northside not because I want them to birth my baby for me.  I want them to be there in case something goes wrong.  I'm really uneasy at the idea of switching to a different place right now.

I didn't realize in my original post how far along you are.  I can see how it would be stressful to switch at this point and it sounds like you have set yourself up the best you can with a CNM and doula.  I hope that everything goes well for you smile.gif


Regarding the part about the baby's safety, for future reference of people who might be reading this, it's not any safer to give birth at Northside than at many area hospitals.  Northside has a level III NICU, the same as Emory Midtown, Atlanta Medical Center, North Fulton, Piedmont... heck even Grady!  (The two Northside satellites (Northside Cherokee and Northside Forsyth) only have level II NICUs which means if the baby needs more care than they are capable of, they transport the baby down to the main Northside campus.)