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BellaGrace1's Avatar BellaGrace1 08:28 AM 06-13-2012

I'm 29.5 weeks pregnant and need to start researching a pediatrician.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle vaccinations but I'd appreciate a doctor who is open to natural medicine.  I'll be delivering at North Fulton so it'd be great if the doctor was affiliated with them but I don't want to drive to Alpharetta every time I have to take the baby to an appt so I'm hoping to find a doctor in my area.


I live in Sandy Springs, just outside the perimeter.  Does anyone have any recs in this area?



argecash's Avatar argecash 02:34 PM 06-14-2012

From what I know there aren't many "vaccine-friendly" pediatricians to choose from. Dr. Kute is the most popular. Dr. Herrmann in Decatur is our pediatrician, we really like her. You could look at the "vaccine-friendly" list from Dr. Sears.

atlyogamomma's Avatar atlyogamomma 06:46 PM 06-15-2012
I'd call Dr. Kute's office and check their vaxx stance as I believe it may have changed.

Dr. Abrams in Norcross
Dr. Wagner in Buckhead North
Dr. Carla Neal-Haley in Smyrna (family practitioner)
Dr. Carol Herrmann in Decatur
CGL Photography's Avatar CGL Photography 08:07 PM 08-28-2012

Dr, Kute or Dr. Abrams is who I was going to suggest