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fairyandgnome's Avatar fairyandgnome 06:58 PM 09-04-2012

We are moving back to GA this week and I need to find a new Ped. We have been with Dr. Kute/ Lavania for about 5.5 years now but Id love to find someone closer. Yes, I know of Dr. Abrams.. but I still feel that he is too far. We need a No vax, intact, home birth friendly Dr. 


I am not opposed to seeing a general Pract or Fam Dr.  Any suggestions would be great.

HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 12:02 PM 09-09-2012

I just thought I'd bump your post Anyone have a recommendation for a pediatrician or family doctor in this area?


I hope your move goes smoothly!

Lula's Mom's Avatar Lula's Mom 08:02 PM 09-12-2012

I have friends who go to Dr. Boudreaux at  I think she may be what you're looking for, and somewhat closer than Kute. 

CrunchyMama7's Avatar CrunchyMama7 08:44 AM 09-27-2012

I am also looking for a ped/family doctor in the Buford area.  We moved here from Pennsylvania in July and saw Dr Abrams this past week. It was for a quick sick visit for my son who has PANDAS.  I just needed his strep blood levels checked and he seemed to question everything I said regarding his PANDAS diagnosis.


Maybe I am being too idealistic in what I want in a doctor...someone who not only supports our decision to not vax but who also will work WITH me and listen.


At this point, I am willing to go out of network, etc to find a good family doctor.  The one we had in Pennsylvania was an integrative medicine practice that used homeopathy, focused on nutrition and didn't try to sell us expensive treatments, etc.


I wonder how long it will take to find a good doc around her.  The two practices that I was really interested in are either booked or WAY too expensive (2,000 retainer!)


Anyone have any suggestions??  If I find one, I'll be sure to let everyone know...