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rebecca_n's Avatar rebecca_n 08:49 AM 09-08-2012

I realize I haven't had any luck asking about this area, but figured I'd try one more time. Does anyone on here know of a doctor on Fort Gordon who would at least not harass me about not vaccinating?

 I'd love any recommendations. Feel free to PM me if you want. Thank you!

GeorgiaPeach's Avatar GeorgiaPeach 03:02 PM 09-08-2012

I don't know of anyone myself, but there's a Doula Tea meeting on the third Monday of this month at Earth Fare in Martinez at 7pm. I know this isn't about birth, but one of the doulas in particular is a military mom and might be able to help you find resources if you stop by between 7 and 8pm. 

rebecca_n's Avatar rebecca_n 03:04 PM 09-09-2012