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mamayogibear 10-16-2012 04:40 PM

Hi, there is a small chance I will be moving to Port Orange/Daytona Beach for grad school! If so I have no idea what the area is like compared to Cali.

Could anyone chime in on how crunchy the area is. Are there CSA's? Year round Farmers Markets? Does the Costco or Sams have a good selection of organics? Do people mind line drying cloth diapers in town, lol? Is it too humid/rainy to line dry year round? Is it a bikeable community (I haul my kids in a trailer everywhere)... Safe to do yoga in the park or even better the beach at sunrise? Also is there a ban on PitBulls? I heard somewhere there band in Florida!


HappyHappyMommy 10-21-2012 09:30 PM

I'm bumping up your post. bump.gifAnyone have a recommendation or information to share?

Laura87 10-30-2012 04:59 PM

i lived in port orange most my life. just left but go back often. its a great place to raise kids. no super progressive or crunchy but quite and very safe.

farmers markets- both at the pavillion and a great one in new symrna.

yoga- none 5 years ago now theres yoga every where you look

karen tysus is an amazing midfwife

3 health food stores but loves and debbies are the best

AuntRayRay 11-05-2012 07:17 AM

Hi Mama


We currently live in Ormond Beach, but will be moving to Daytona Beach in December. We have lived in Port Orange, Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach in the 3 years we've lived in Florida (we moved from NJ). I found Ormond to be the best, but as another mama said there are health food stores around and i like Love Market the best (one in Port orange and one in Ormond). We are part of a non secular homeschooling group in ormond that we go to park days with. They also have book clubs, drama, clubs, sewing clubs, etc..We go to roller skating with other homeschooling groups once a month in Ormond. We joined an organic fruits and veggies co-op that one of the homeschoolers in our group organizes. There are farmers markets in Daytona Beach ( i like City Island on Saturday) and Ormond Beach and Holly Hill as well as Port Orange (i've never been as of yet). There are a bunch of Yoga places in all towns as well as i've heard on the beach. I went to Hot House Yoga in Ormond and liked it. I've never heard of a ban on pitbulls as i know many people have them here, though renting is probably tough. We rent and i know alot of rentals specify no pitbulls and some other large breeds, but again i'm sure there are some landlords that accept.

As far as alot of crunchy people...well i think there crunchy people here, but we could surely use more:) I line dry my clothes outside and can most of the time. I only started this year so i'm not sure how the winter will go. During rainy times i just hung inside. For this area being bikeable i guess it depends where your located. I have found that alot of places are not, but it depends on the person i guess.

Anyway HTH


and good luck with your move


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