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babyontheway12's Avatar babyontheway12 08:45 PM 01-17-2013

This is an old post but I figured I would update. I just found out I am having a second baby my first was a csection and I am very interested in a vbac in the huntsville area I have heard Dr. Ciamino I think is how you spell it does them. He has great reviews and even though I am not keen on male OBGYNS I am gonna try him bc I long for a natural birth!

LisaSedai's Avatar LisaSedai 07:29 PM 01-29-2013



Dr. Stephen Tygart in Huntsville, AL.. He delivers at Huntsville women and Children's and at Crestwood Medical.


This guy supposedly does VBACs too. Have you looked at the stuff on the ICAN website? There's not a chapter in Huntsville but there is one in **********. They can give you some ideas of questions to ask to find out if an OB is really legit.( Some will say they are all for VBACS but pull a bait and switch on you in the 3rd trimester.)

Congrats and good luck.