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debi ann's Avatar debi ann 07:36 AM 03-16-2009
I am looking for a gyn in the Knox area who actually takes the time to listen to their patients and doesn't shuttle them from lobby to waiting area to exam room for hours on end with no explanation of the procedures they performing. I am fed up with a certain ob/gyn practice in the area and I am in desperate need of a gyn who will listen to me instead of milk my insurance and treat me like crap. Thanks for any recommendations.

hapersmion's Avatar hapersmion 04:20 PM 03-16-2009
The Lisa Ross Birth and Women's Center does gynecology care. That's where I go. If you need something more than the basic yearly checkup stuff, I don't know how in-depth they get, but it's worth asking. They certainly take the time to listen to you, being midwives.
debi ann's Avatar debi ann 06:23 PM 03-16-2009
Thanks hapersmom. I love the Lisa Ross Center but I need more than general care.
wyovol's Avatar wyovol 05:49 PM 03-19-2009
Holly Talley is my gyn. She is not doing ob work right now, only gyn. I find her to be very caring and thorough without feeling like she is trying to rush me out.

Great Expectations ob/gyn -- 971-6877.

I used Contemporary Women's Health for my last delivery. Both Dr. Yang and Dr. Roberts are very nice.


Good luck.
suziet123's Avatar suziet123 04:42 PM 04-14-2009
I have seen Dr. Craig Myers from Generations. I was in the hospital and he was called in to see me. Not only is he handsome, he has a bedside manner that I didn't know existed! He stayed in my room for what seemed like a half hour or so. His # is 769-4444.
Missy's Avatar Missy 05:00 PM 04-14-2009
Dr. Roy Broady at Fort Sanders. I think the number is 524-3208. In my experience, he has been very upfront; he has a dry sense of humor and has known to drop everything for a patient even when he's not on call.
mariannecanada's Avatar mariannecanada 03:03 PM 04-16-2009
I see Dr. Kathleen Edmunds at St. Marys and she is fantastic. She listens, her nurses are great, and and she's open to new ideas and practices.
KoalaMommy's Avatar KoalaMommy 12:49 AM 04-23-2009
I like Dr. Paula Peeden. She has an office on Northshore right by I-140. She really listened to me and was extremely honest about various options (I have endo) and basically advised me against what other docs have pushed me to do against my will.