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pants's Avatar pants 02:34 PM 12-10-2009
Anyone know of a family practice nurse practitioner or doctor in the Raleigh area that is open to alternative medicine and also non-vax or selective vax friendly????? I know ONE pedi but she's not taking new patience right now. And since I myself need a new primary care doc I figured now would be a good time to switch the whole current pedi is not very friendly towards non/alt vacc parents. Thanks!
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maotmsmi's Avatar maotmsmi 05:28 PM 12-10-2009


MJ13's Avatar MJ13 12:52 AM 12-11-2009
yep! what Krista said
SeekingJoy's Avatar SeekingJoy 01:04 AM 12-11-2009
Lots of support for all the "crazy" crunchy things some of us do like co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, babywearing, etc. She has also given us great advice about supplements, alternative/natural remedies to try before a Rx.
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 01:31 AM 12-11-2009
I see Dr. Young too, for myself and hopefully a LO one day. She only comes in on certain days so if you have to see someone else, I do like Dr. Gilmore. I DO NOT know how she is about kid stuff but she seems very natural-minded about stuff - tries to suggest natural remedies and isn't very keen on prescribing antibiotics and things that put a strain on your liver. Again, don't know how she is about kid stuff but I've been happy with her when Dr. Young isn't there. If it's something like a well-child visit and not an emergency, I would definitely schedule with Dr. Young. She has API stuff in her exam rooms!
Biscuits & Gravy 10:58 PM 12-11-2009
Another Dr. Young fan! We've seen Dr. Gilmore a few times as well, for my boys, and she was great.
RileyMama's Avatar RileyMama 03:38 PM 12-12-2009
Just chiming in to say we are another family who sees Dr. Young. She's great!
pants's Avatar pants 11:31 AM 12-14-2009
wow...I think I know who i'm going to try. Thanks ladies for the reply!
doctormom's Avatar doctormom 09:06 PM 12-29-2009
I this thread - it is such a pleasure working with natural-minded, AP families.
I am thrilled to see so many parents breastfeeding and babywearing and nurturing their children with gentle parenting!

What Jamie said above is true, I work part-time by choice so that I can spend quality time with my own little ones - I am not in the office on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and Dr. Youngin Gilmore cares for my patients on those days. I trust her judgement completely, she cares for my family when we are sick, and she's an awesome person. We are currently accepting new patients - both pediatric and adults - and I'm always happy to meet MDC families in person.

One big change this year is that we now require all delayed/selective vax families to sign a waiver - the state of NC noticed that my practice is a major outlier when it comes to following the standard CDC vaccination schedule, and threatened action against us. Specifically, they threatened to stop providing us with vaccines. (So if we don't give every kid enough vaccines...they'll take them that we can't give vaccines to anyone? Um, logic fail?) We are now in compliance with state policy, which means that all patients are advised of the CDC vaccination schedule, which we as a practice officially endorse. Of course you as a parent are free to decline any vaccinations or medical services that you prefer not to have, and we will respect your legal and ethical right as a parent to make that decision for your family. If you already have a vaccination schedule in mind, you may want to bring a written copy to your appointment.
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 02:57 AM 12-30-2009
Cindy - I think I speak for many when I say that we are so lucky and grateful to have you in the area! It's so nice to already know who I'll also be taking my kids to one day.
DoulaVallere's Avatar DoulaVallere 10:13 PM 12-30-2009
Wow, can you move to Greenville?? We need more AP minded docs down our way!
circle vortex's Avatar circle vortex 09:46 PM 01-01-2010
Dr young ditto
happy & blessed's Avatar happy & blessed 11:47 PM 01-04-2010
I am soooo excited to see this post! We are moving to the Raleigh area this summer, and I have been wondering if I would find a doc there who would be fine with my kiddos not being vaxed. I will definitely make an appointment when we move!
stephaniehs's Avatar stephaniehs 03:48 PM 01-14-2010
I just happened to be reading this thread last night and this morning I came upon a listing on the askdrsears website for vaccine-friendly doctors.

Dr. Young, you and your practice should be on that list! Here's the link to the webpage.

If you want to have yourself included you can e-mail them at [email protected]

Keep up the good work keeping our kids safe!

For the benefit of the rest of the group, the other three doctors listed are:

Mike Coladonato, M.D.
MAHEC Family Health Center at Cane Creek
1542 Cane Creek Road
Fletcher, NC 28732
(828) 628-8250

Susan Ehrsam, M.D.
Lisa Lichtig, M.D.
Family to Family
207 Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 251-2700

Lauren Livingston, M.D.
Community Family Practice
260 Merrimon Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 254-2444
pants's Avatar pants 07:58 PM 03-15-2010
I'm really delayed but thankyou dr young for your input here. I will be contacting you office sometime soon. I need to check our family insurance first but I am for certain you guys accept them. My current pedi did make me sign a waiver but that's expected. I just don't want the "talk" every time I bring my child in. I am also hoping to work with a doc that will be understanding of homebirths. THank you for your time.
doctormom's Avatar doctormom 09:41 PM 04-05-2010
Stephaniehs, I emailed Dr. Bob to get added onto his list and actually got an email back from Dr. Bob himself! Thanks for the link!
bleigh4jc's Avatar bleigh4jc 09:41 AM 01-13-2011

I was so excited to see this post, but I just called and they don't accept my daughter's medicaid. crap.gif  Any other suggestions in the Cary area?

gemasita's Avatar gemasita 03:56 PM 01-17-2011

Did you try Ramsdell Pediatrics in Apex?  I know for a while she wasn't accepting new patients but that was a while ago that I heard that.  She's supposed to be great.

pants's Avatar pants 01:22 PM 01-20-2011

Originally Posted by gemasita View Post

Did you try Ramsdell Pediatrics in Apex?  I know for a while she wasn't accepting new patients but that was a while ago that I heard that.  She's supposed to be great.

We did try her for about a year and half for doctor ramsdell. Sept 10 was the last time we tried and they were still not taking new patients. I actually got in with Dr. young for my child AND LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now almost everyone in our family will go to her including myself. I was so thankful to be able to find a family doctor in our area that is wonderful. Thanks for the tips ladies.

sparklemommie's Avatar sparklemommie 01:41 PM 02-14-2011

 I called Dr. youngs office and they can't even accept my children while on medicaid if I pay cash. Any other Mom's out there have any recommendations for a Doctor ok with with no vax or delayed vax?

Please let me know.

Sapphire 12's Avatar Sapphire 12 01:42 PM 02-15-2011

Hello everyone,


I am new to the Raleigh area and I am expecting in late March. I would like to meet with mothers or groups that share the same ideas an views that I do so I am looking for any type of cooking club vegetarian if possible , homeschooling club, knitting club or whatever to get involved so If anyone has any information please let me know. I have a 3 & 4 yr old who would like to have some new playmates as well!dizzy.gif

vtamanda's Avatar vtamanda 06:02 PM 02-20-2011
Ami Goldstein is a nurse practioner at unc family medicine. She is alt schedule friendly and very supportive of extended breastfeeding and nonjudgemental of alternative decisions in general. I think a big place like UNC would take Medicare/caid. They have a good website so I am sure you can google and find what you need.