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saintmom's Avatar saintmom 11:10 PM 06-11-2010
Does anyone know of a good family dentist in the North Knoxville- Halls area?

wyovol's Avatar wyovol 12:31 AM 06-21-2010
Drs. Sterling & Biagi are in Fountain City near the duckpond. Both of them are good.
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 04:07 PM 07-08-2010
Dr Mike Mysinger is just off kingston pike , above Babies R Us. He's amazing and his staff are great. They have a parents waiting area back there with the kids so you dont have to worry about your kids going alone.

He's also v. v. good with SN kids.
saintmom's Avatar saintmom 07:46 PM 07-08-2010
Thanks! What about Dr.Changas in Halls? A co-worker recommended him.