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TCA2008's Avatar TCA2008 10:20 AM 09-21-2010
Curious about Homebirth?
Join us for an evening with Nancy Harman, CNM and Andrea Reynolds, RM, CPM, for a discussion about homebirth, waterbirth and a screening of
Into Being, the Russian Waterbirth Experience

Friday, October 1st, 7pm
The Diapering Doula
4109 Grace Park Drive, Morrisville

maotmsmi's Avatar maotmsmi 03:58 AM 09-24-2010


MJoKirk's Avatar MJoKirk 11:14 AM 09-27-2010
Oh I hope I can come! We have people visiting that weekend, but maybe I can convince my friend to come with me and we can leave my DD with our husbands.