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tocatchafirefly's Avatar tocatchafirefly 01:22 PM 10-02-2010
My husband will probably start working for Lowe's Corporate in the next few weeks. We'd be moving to the Mooresville area (though we are very open to exactly where) very soon. However, I'm 33 weeks pregnant this week and a big part of whether we go now or not will have to do with whether I can find a VBAC friendly provider.

My first was a breech, so I'm a good candidate. I've been seen by a group of midwives here in NJ that I love, and I would like to continue on with a midwife in NC if that's allowed, though I'm not opposed to a supportive OB. (I know rules vary state-to-state.) I'd like to give birth in a hospital (possibly one that lets you labor in a tub with telemetric monitoring, like the one here!!) I've been doing Hypnobabies and would like someone to support me through a natural birth without trying to shove an epi on me.

Does anyone have any suggestions for hospitals/midwives/obs in the northern Charlotte area that I should check into?

Thanks so much for any help!

gemasita's Avatar gemasita 02:10 PM 10-02-2010
I would check with Carolina Community Maternity Center, a free-standing birth center in Fort Mill, SC (http://carolinabirth.org/). I don't think they take VBAC patients but they can certainly let you know who in that area is VBAC-friendly.
TCA2008's Avatar TCA2008 09:25 AM 10-03-2010
I've heard excellent things about Dr. Peabody, and the midwife who works with him - Marcia something...I think they practice in the N. Charlotte area. I'm not sure they are still practicing because the hospital they had priveleges at gave them grief over some of their practices - like being supportive of VBACs in multiple c-section women, etc...I've met both of them though, and if they still practice, they are just wonderful.

this is the info I got when I googled Marcia:

Marcia Christina Chiluck C.N.M. ( Marcia Chiluck ) Midwife, Certified Nurse, 16623 Birkdale Commons PkwySuite 130, Huntersville NC - 28078 Phone:704-896-7005
tocatchafirefly's Avatar tocatchafirefly 05:27 PM 10-03-2010
I wrote to the SC Birthing Center. If I don't hear back from them tomorrow I'll give them a call.

Pretty much the only information that I could find online was about Dr. Peacock and the CNM Marcia in the area. But a few things I read said he retired from OB in 2009 and now is just a GYN. Does anyone know if this is true? Or where Marcia would have moved to?

I'm thinking that in NJ it is HARD to find an OB or a midwife that will support a VBAC through the end, and there are only a handful of hospitals that will allow it, so it is pretty easy to find information online (or it was for me) but that in NC it is more accepted so there isn't such a cult following of the doctors and midwives that will allow it? I'm pretty sure NJ has the highest section rate in the country. Here I had to search for a hospital that had private rooms, and then could only find 2 within an hour that have telemetric monitoring to allow me to be out of bed. The one I chose has 2 tubs, so if you request one and no one else does you have a chance to labor there. It looks like the hospitals in the Charlotte area have waaaaay better equipment and such, and tubs in all the rooms! Does anyone know if most of them do telemetric monitoring as well? What about at Lake Norman?
GenesisBirth's Avatar GenesisBirth 03:15 PM 10-11-2010
Dr. Peacock did retire... if you want to contact me off the forum, I can give you some more info on VBACs in the Charlotte area.
mamajjr's Avatar mamajjr 09:37 AM 10-14-2010
The birthing center will not do VBACs right now. Check with Dr. Meek (male-his wife practices too) or Dr. Roque. Dr. Peacock delivered my last and he was wonderful...so sad he retired although I do not blame him.

Lake Norman and Presbyterian Huntersville are not VBAC friendly. CMC Pineville is known to be more accepting.
BirthTender's Avatar BirthTender 11:41 PM 10-16-2010
Dr. Sara Roque is in Mooresville and she may take you on. She is one of my consultive docs. She has provided very informative and patient care with my clients and a couple of family members.